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Erin and Courtney Henderson

Erin Henderson

Erin Henderson is the co-founder of the sommelier services and wine events firm, The Wine Sisters. Based in Toronto, Erin and her team of certified sommeliers and entertaining experts help clients take their events from Standard to Sparkling with customized wine tastings, parties and wine tours. For more information visit or follow them on Instagram @The_Wine_Sisters
A Cure for the Common

A Cure for the Common Hangover

In this season of being merry, there may be a morning or two when you've woken up, cracked one eye open, and then heard the thunderous roar of Christmas bells ringing -- in your head. Ding, dong, ding. What's done is done and we're not here to lecture, we're here to help.
12/26/2011 12:32 EST
Christmas Wines Are in the Bag (in a

Christmas Wines Are in the Bag (in a Box)

Economics, environment and jokes aside, in an era where we are embracing the screw cap as an acceptable -- and in some cases superior -- alternative to cork closures, why wouldn't the oenophile take the boxed wine for a test drive?
12/21/2011 09:49 EST
Top 10 Rules to Throwing a Fabulous

Top 10 Rules to Throwing a Fabulous Party

If something goes wrong (and it always does) never let 'em see you sweat. So the turkey burns, or red wine is spilt on the couch or the cat launches a lugee on the dance floor when everyone's rockin around the Christmas tree. Know that a gracious host stays calm under pressure.
12/13/2011 09:34 EST
Our Wine Bucket

Our Wine Bucket List

Yes, these pricey, legendary bottles are luxurious, ostentatious and maybe even ridiculous, but should the sky start falling, these are the wines we're reaching for.
12/10/2011 07:35 EST
Cheaper and Better

Cheaper and Better Wines

We have a secret. When we go wine shopping, we like to play a game. It's called the Cheaper and Better Game. The rules of this game are simple: find the best wines we can for $15 and under.
11/25/2011 11:30 EST
The Beaujolais Has

The Beaujolais Has Arrived

This is a fun time to be a wine drinker in France. For that matter, if you're a wine lover who doesn't take yourself too seriously, then it's a fun time to be a wine drinker here, too, because the third Thursday of November is the release day for Beaujolais Nouveau.
11/17/2011 09:24 EST
'Tis The Season For

'Tis The Season For Sparkling

As glittering decorations, twinkling lights and snow-and-ice displays roll out for the holidays, sparkling wines also add warm, fuzzy -- and, of course, fizzy -- feelings to the season. Here is a quick pre-season primer on what's out there for all bubbly budgets.
11/14/2011 02:16 EST
When it Comes to Wine, Trust Your

When it Comes to Wine, Trust Your Instincts

We were tasting a flight of Barbarescos, the northern Italian wine from Piedmont. The guy behind the booth waxed poetic about the wine's nuanced flavours, marveling at its rustic leather notes mixing with dark fruit, tea leaves and rose petal. "I get none of that," I thought to myself.
11/04/2011 09:26 EDT
Spooktacular Wine For

Spooktacular Wine For Halloween

With the scariest night of the year only a few sleeps away, many people we know are looking to fete All Hallows' Eve in style. And as costume parties abound, inevitably people start asking us about the perfect pairings for Fright Night that won't scare the daylights out of their bank accounts.
10/28/2011 03:13 EDT