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Erin Deviney

Campaign Manager of Live Below the Line Canada, an initiative of the Global Poverty Project

Erin is Toronto born and bred but ever since a young age always had a curiosity about the world outside of her city, reading articles and books about other people and places.

Erin holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in economics from Queen’s University, a Post Graduate Certificate in Business Marketing Analysis and a Community Development Certificate from Southern Cross University Australia.

An even split between corporate sector (Market Research) and development sector (overseas work in Cambodia and Grenada), Erin’s career is now focused on leading campaigns and initiatives through the Global Poverty Project.
Could You Live in Canada on $1.75 a

Could You Live in Canada on $1.75 a Day?

Extreme poverty is the most severe form of poverty -- in Canada, it equates to living off just $1.75 a day for everything in life. This tiny dollar amount has to pay for food, housing, medicine, water and education costs -- all for less than the money we would spend on a single bus fare or a morning coffee.
04/02/2013 12:09 EDT