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Erin Giles

Business Philanthropy Consultant + Founder of End Sex Trafficking Day

Erin Giles is the Founder of End Sex Trafficking Day and a Business Philanthropy Consultant that teaches businesses how to create and launch a do good mission into their business model. She believes more than ever hope is alive and it’s alive in us. Erin’s been seen on USA Today, Inc and Forbes. She writes weekly at and happily welcomes tweets at @erinmgiles.
Essays on Sex Trafficking

Essays on Sex Trafficking [VIDEO]

I invited 60 incredible writers and entrepreneurs to write one essay and compiled them all in one book that will have one big mission: to fight sex trafficking. It's happening all over the world and with over 27 million people enslaved more than any other time in the world, we must all stand up for freedom. I have the honor of bringing a straight up resounding call to action with a message, that hits straight to the core and you can join me.
10/18/2012 12:20 EDT
You Have Permission to Make a Difference, Here's shutterstock

You Have Permission to Make a Difference, Here's How

It's truly inspiring to witness the many philanthropists and social entrepreneurs creating change in the world. Many of us dream of such a thing but wouldn't know where to start and may not even feel deserving of doing such a thing. As Founder of End Sex Trafficking Day, I am only one example of how one voice and one idea can make a difference in the world. Your passion can lead you to do big things, here is how...
08/22/2012 07:15 EDT