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Erin Scholz

Erin Scholz attended the University of Western Ontario studying Media, Information and Technoculture as well as English Literature.
She is a music writer for blogTO. She has been published at
The Young and the PA

The Young and the Jobless

I feel like I've aged at least 10 years over my summer of unemployment. Long gone are my dreams and ambitions of finding a "creative" job, a fulfilling job, a job I enjoy. Fantastic, I am jaded and still in my 20s.
12/12/2011 12:19 EST
Cheap Holiday Gifts Under

Cheap Holiday Gifts Under $5

With the holiday season coming up, and purse strings tighter than usual, I've been thinking of frugal ways to check people off my list. Here's a few ideas to show the people you love you're thinking of them... without spending more than $5.
11/25/2011 09:00 EST
Top 7 Local Spots in Toronto's

Top 7 Local Spots in Toronto's Roncesvalles

Whenever i've sat down to write something for the dear HuffPost, truth is, I've always wanted to write about my own neighbourhood. Now that the NY Times has gone and done just that I figure, "Why not?...
10/18/2011 04:34 EDT