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Erin Treloar

Founder, RAW Beauty Talks

Erin is the founder of <a href="" rel="nofollow">RAW Beauty Talk</a>s an organization that strives to help women find confidence in their unique beauty by providing a platform for conversation and advocating for transparency in media. She recently launched a petition asking magazines to reduce the amount of photoshop they use on their covers and in their editorial. Help create a better world for girls by signing <a href="" rel="nofollow">the online petition</a>.
You Already Have the Perfect Beach

You Already Have the Perfect Beach Body

When I stand in the changing room of the bathing suit store I feel a sense of panic wash over me. Why does my cellulite seem so much more obvious in here? Are those stretch marks getting bigger? How did 20 new moles suddenly appear all over my body?
06/19/2015 07:53 EDT
The Deadly Dangers of Photo

The Deadly Dangers of Photo Retouching

Photoshop is a hot topic in media today. From Kerry Washington's InStyle cover, to Cindy Crawford's unretouched Marie Claire image to Beyonce's leaked L'Oreal photos -- everyone is talking about the role of photo retouching in the media. But what's the real impact?
03/03/2015 01:26 EST
Starving to Be Slim: What I Learned in My Pursuit of

Starving to Be Slim: What I Learned in My Pursuit of Perfection

My journey to achieve the perfect body started when I was 14. The objective -- tall, thin, cellulite-free with smooth skin and beautifully toned abs -- you know the look. If 'thigh gaps' and 'bikini bridges' were in at the time, I would have added them to my list of things to obsess over. In some ways I came pretty close to achieving the "dream body" that I obsessed over in magazines but I never expected that I would lose everything important to me along the way.
02/20/2015 09:20 EST