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Erin Wotherspoon

Freelance writer, Storyteller

Erin Wotherspoon is a freelance writer. She specializes in food, TV & film, and travel. She hates the word "delicious" and loves the word "pontificate." She's the co-creator of the digital series Strange Encounters From The Internet, an unscripted TV show chronicling one woman’s journey as she tackles everyday existence in the post-modern world from dentist visits to impromptu haircuts all the while accompanied by strangers she meets online. You should follow the series on Instagram @_strangeencounters_ and you should follow erin @ewotherspoon
She thanks you for the virtual love.
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Why Cookie Dough Cones Could Be 2017's Worst Trend

Raw cookie dough is blowing up. Scratch that. Dough has blown it. It's old news. We've all seen the mesmerizing social media posts, the decadent heaps of divine dough, the swirling sprinkles; scoop porn, if you will. We've had our fair share our dough puns... #doughlicious #justdoughit #dreamsdoughcometrue But how is the public faring now that they've had their fix?
05/05/2017 05:02 EDT

Why You Don't Discuss Divorce on a First Date

He picks me up in a white BMW and I'm thinking how did he know white BMW was my favourite colour? Everybody meet Nick. Nick is from Greece and when he is wearing clothes it's hard to decide whether or...
11/06/2014 05:27 EST
Chris Gramly via Getty Images

The Man and the Meal of My Dreams

Daniel currently holds spot #29 on the top 50 restaurants in the world. Daniel is the meal of my dreams. There is something intangible in the air as you walk through the revolving doors on 65th street. This is a place of privilege. The opaque doors shut behind us, blocking out a world a little less elegant. As we make our grand entrance (yes it is grand) it's as if we have box seats at a highly revered opera.
05/16/2014 05:13 EDT
Hidehiro Kigawa via Getty Images

Who Needs a Man When I Have Buca?

If Buca were a man I'd be totally nervous to date him because he's so good looking. A procession of pizzas go by and I'm staring, mouth agape, right at the goods, undressing it with my eyes, imagining what it would look like on my plate, in my mouth...Buca is a man I want to get serious with.
12/30/2013 12:25 EST

I'm Dating for Free Dinners - Got a Problem With That?

My rationale? I want to go to nice restaurants and have guys pay for it while I review the food. I will review the restaurant and the date after the fact. Surf & turf at Harbour 60 and restaurants with absolutely no signage is what I'm talking about. A little back alley tapas, a plate of carpaccio, and some caviar in the back of a joint that doubles as a barber shop.
11/07/2013 07:42 EST