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Eva Pomeroy

University professor, mother, work-family integration advocate

Eva Pomeroy is a lecturer in Applied Human Science at Concordia University. She teaches in the areas of Human Relations and Human Systems Intervention, and is passionate about creating greater harmony between our work and family lives. She lives in Montreal with her husband and two sons, Isaac, 9 and Sam, 5 1/2.
Work-Life Balance Is No Longer a Gender Eric Audras via Getty Images

Work-Life Balance Is No Longer a Gender Issue

The wide-scale entry of women, especially those with young children, into the workplace has been called "one of the most profound changes in Canada in the past quarter century." The impact of this change is widespread and multi-faceted. One major aspect of the change is something researchers call the convergence of gender roles.
09/16/2015 08:05 EDT
Work-Family Balance Isn't Just an Issue, It's a Multi-bits via Getty Images

Work-Family Balance Isn't Just an Issue, It's a Movement

In our effort to gain rights for individuals, one significant collective was left out of the equation: family. But change is afoot. Something new and exciting is happening in feminism and it's about children and their care. In academia, the need to address childcare has been called "the unfinished business of feminism" and "the unfinished revolution."
08/27/2015 12:59 EDT