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Evan McKie

Principal Dancer, Stuttgart Ballet

Evan McKie is a Principal Dancer with Stuttgart Ballet, as well as being a photographer and choreographer. Mr McKie is also a guest writer for Dance Magazine, a member of their advisory board and writes frequently for Shinshokan Dance magazine.

Mr. McKie’s made his debut with The National Ballet of Canada in 2011 with The Sleeping Beauty, which marked the first time he danced in Canada since he was a child. Since then, he has appeared with the company in Giselle. In 2013, Mr. McKie became a Principal Guest Artist with the National Ballet in 2013.
Playing a Ballet Prince Takes More Than Just Paul Thompson/FPG via Getty Images

Playing a Ballet Prince Takes More Than Just Tights

I once heard a male ballet dancer say they were tired of playing "just" the Prince roles. OK, granted a male dancer needs the acting challenges that a female dancer is accustomed to, but is a ballet Prince really an easy part to fit into? And why do so many audiences feel that only few gents are convincing while donning the tights and bodice required to stand behind a ballerina?
03/07/2014 06:01 EST