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Fadumo Diriye

Recent graduate from York University.

Fadumo is a recent graduate from the Faculty of Health at York University. As she learns about the Canadian ethics involving patients and medical staff, she has also drawn on her Kenyan roots and beliefs of holistic health to explore innovative strategies in the development of successful Health Management tactics. She has served youth regularly for the past three years through a healthy breakfast club, Fleming’s Breakfast for Learning. Fadumo’s past extra-curricular activities and work experience has provided her with the needed skills to contribute to the Board. She has sought multi-faceted ways to reach out to her extended community to improve their way of living, as she recognizes that health must be addressed from various angles. Being an activist and promoting health amongst Canadians using both Canadian and Kenyan principles of health has enriched and shaped her perspectives of life. Her experiences, knowledge, and lessons acquired throughout her education has equipped her to serve the community and help individuals to live longer and healthier lives.
Poor People Aren't Poor Because They're

Poor People Aren't Poor Because They're Lazy

It is essential that poor people are not the scapegoat for the problem of our public system. As a society we need to stop blaming the victims of poverty for their circumstances. But rather focus on solution that causes poverty.
11/25/2014 12:44 EST