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Faisal Kapadia

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Writer, blogger, podcaster & digital strategist. Lives in Karachi, Pakistan and mostly blogs about social or economic issues. Thinks this mudball is big enough for all of us and we should enjoy it while it lasts.
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Can We Trust France's 'Freedom' When Hate Cartoons Are OK and Hijabs Are Not?

We as a world need to understand and question exactly how a country's barometer for "freedom" is fair when the right of a Muslim woman to wear hijab is not sacrosanct but the publishing of hate cartoons is? Where anti-Semitism is a crime but anti-Muslim is not? I think France needs to examine closely what constitutes "freedom" for them or whether their intensity for secularism both historically and now is even at pace with the existing population of more than five million of their own Muslim residents or their rights.
01/12/2015 01:05 EST