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Faisal Kutty

Associate Professor of Law & Director of the International LL.M. Program, Valparaiso University, Adjunct Professor of Law, Osgoode Hall and counsel to KSM Law

Faisal Kutty is an Associate Professor of Law and Director of the international LL.M. Program at Valparaiso University Law School in Indiana and an adjunct professor of law at Osgoode Hall Law School of York University in Toronto. He co-founded the Toronto-based law firm KSM Law. He has spoken and written extensively on national security, Islamic law, legal pluralism, religion and law, and human rights. He has been selected for inclusion in The Muslim 500: The World’s Most Influential Muslims compiled by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre in Amman, Jordan for the past seven consecutive years. He is a regular columnist for the Pakistani daily, The Express Tribune His work also regularly appears in The Toronto Star and the Middle East Eye His articles also have appeared in the Globe and Mail, Montreal Gazette, Ottawa Citizen, National Post, Arab News, Indian Express, Al-Ahram Weekly, Jakarta Post, Jurist, Lawyers Weekly, Counterpunch, etc. Some of his academic pieces may be accessed at SSRN.
Question Mark Zuckerberg's Motives But Don't Judge His Peter Barreras/Invision/AP

Question Mark Zuckerberg's Motives But Don't Judge His Charity

Granted that Zuckerberg and other wealthy individuals do such public and private acts and structure their affairs to their advantage, my point is that most people will do the same and nobody does anything without expecting something in return, be it material benefits, fame, feeling good about oneself, reward in the afterlife, or other tangible and intangible benefits.
12/04/2015 01:05 EST
Five Truths You Should Know About Terrorism And Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Five Truths You Should Know About Terrorism And Islam

Islam unambiguously opposes terror tactics -- terrorism is not a religious ritual but a military strategy. Muslims condemn terrorism because it is as antithetical to their worldview. Almost all iterations of Islamic law explicitly classifies hirabah (terrorism and highway robbery) as a major sin. Indeed, the Qur'an proclaims: "If anyone kills a person without justification, it is as if they have killed the whole of humanity." Moreover, the Prophet Mohammed's strict rules of engagement even in times of hostility were blunt: "Do not kill women or children or non-combatants."
11/16/2015 05:38 EST
The Kim Davis Debacle Exposes the Limits of Religious ASSOCIATED PRESS

The Kim Davis Debacle Exposes the Limits of Religious Liberty

Kim Davis, claimed that her "conscience will not allow" her to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples -- In late August, a Calgary a bus driver named Jesse Rau refused to drive the Calgary Transit's rainbow bus. Both individuals raised religious objections. These are interesting normative positions. Can an individual refuse to obey a law if it conflicts with their personal interpretation of a religion? Does it matter if the individual is an elected official or a private citizen? To sort this out, let us engage in a thought experiment.
09/11/2015 05:05 EDT
The Miseducation of Ontario's New Sex Ed Oko_SwanOmurphy

The Miseducation of Ontario's New Sex Ed Curriculum

The curriculum is aimed at preparing kids to navigate the complicated interpersonal and sexual situations in today's hyper-sexualized world. But opponents have latched on to a number of provisions. It should be clearly understood that the new curriculum is not a "How to Manual" and that the state is not promoting a particular relationship structure. Ultimately, the government must do a better job of convincing some parents that it is responding to the changing realities. All stakeholders must feel that at least some of their concerns are heard and validated.
05/21/2015 12:29 EDT
I Am Not a Terrorist, Despite What My Critics Told a Senate Buena Vista Images via Getty Images

I Am Not a Terrorist, Despite What My Critics Told a Senate Committee

My name is Faisal Kutty. I am a lawyer, law professor, public speaker and writer. I write in response to testimony to your distinguished Committee on February 23, 2015 by a fear monger well-versed in McCarthyism, Mr. Marc Lebuis.In my opinion, Mr. Lebuis and Pointe de Bascule hold anti-Muslim, anti-Islam views. Often unable to identify real threats, they insulting law-abiding Canadians through innuendo and mischaracterization of tenuous or even non-existent links and associations.
03/13/2015 05:45 EDT
A Month of Black History Does Not Erase a History of ASSOCIATED PRESS

A Month of Black History Does Not Erase a History of Racism

Over the next few weeks, you will see no shortage of functions organized by historical societies, libraries, and schools dedicated to Black History. You may even catch the corporate giants sponsoring short vignettes on black history, or perhaps a rerun of "Amistad," "Roots" or "Malcolm X." During our school years, we spend months, perhaps years, studying history. Yet, how much importance is given to the history of blacks?
02/10/2015 12:56 EST
Why Blasphemy Laws Are Actually Alashi via Getty Images

Why Blasphemy Laws Are Actually Anti-Islamic

Classical Islamic law interpretations stipulated death as a punishment when apostasy was combined with treason and rebellion against the state, not for blasphemy. This later position is more in line with the Quranic message of tolerance. The Quran further states that had God willed it He could have created all of humanity with the same beliefs.
04/15/2014 05:48 EDT
Why Gay Marriage May Not Be Contrary To Lusky via Getty Images

Why Gay Marriage May Not Be Contrary To Islam

Islamic law did not seek to regulate feelings, emotions and urges, but only its translation into action that authorities had declared unlawful. Indeed, many scholars -- including prominent 11th century jurist Abu Muhammad Ali Ibn Hazm -- even argued that homosexual tendencies themselves were not haram but had to be suppressed for the public good.
03/27/2014 05:34 EDT