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Farrah Khan

Arctic Campaigner, Greenpeace Canada

Farrah Khan is an Arctic Campaigner with Greenpeace Canada and has a decade of experience working in environmental advocacy, grassroots organizing, and documentary filmmaking.
Prior to joining Greenpeace, Farrah campaigned for nearly 7 years on behalf of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment where she helped negotiate North America’s strongest lawn pesticide ban, spoke out against coal and nuclear power, promoted renewable energy, and more.

Farrah has a degree in Political Science and Religion from the University of Toronto.
Biking to Save the Arctic With Getty Images

Biking to Save the Arctic With Greenpeace

This time last year, the world watched as the Arctic melt hit a record low and more ice disappeared than ever before. On September 15 Greenpeace has called for an international day of action to bring together the millions of people who have spoken up to protect the Arctic. Large-scale, family friendly bike rides -- we call them Ice Rides -- are being organized across the globe.
09/13/2013 12:20 EDT