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5 Types Of Canadian Tours You Should Explore This Year

Canada is filled with endless amount of local tours. From the corners of the east coast to the west coast and everywhere in between, there are amazing locals who have built businesses dedicated to showing off what their destinations have to offer. Whether you're a tourist or a local, local tours are great for everyone.
01/18/2016 02:31 EST

6 Reasons To Visit Panama This Spring

Panama should be on your list of places to visit in 2016, and it should probably be the place you visit first. This Central American country, loaded with history, tropical beaches, latin culture, and outdoor adventures, packs a lot of vacation-worthy punch for its small size.
01/15/2016 02:24 EST
valio84sl via Getty Images

8 Tips For Planning The Ultimate Caribbean Getaway

Once the holiday festivities have passed, winter starts to sound a lot less appealing. For many Canadians, that means it's time to start planning a warm winter getaway to the Caribbean. However, choosing a Caribbean destination, finding the perfect accommodations and planning what you'll do when you arrive can be overwhelming.
01/04/2016 03:47 EST
Melinda Moore via Getty Images

Escape The Cold To A Water Wonderland

Most Canadians start to forget the feeling of lounging in warm air and diving into refreshing turquoise waters this time of year. Whether you're planning an upcoming trip or are vicariously travelling from your sofa, these water wonderlands from around the world are guaranteed to take you on an adventure.
12/14/2015 03:48 EST
Horia Bogdan via Getty Images

5 Tips For Exploring Ireland In Fall

Ireland's shoulder and low seasons offer some of the most favourable conditions for travellers. Temperatures tend to be more comfortable than the cold, rainy winter months, but tourists still enjoy the lower prices and sparse crowds associated with the low season.
11/27/2015 04:00 EST
Sergey Borisov via Getty Images

6 Hidden Gems To Discover In Greece

There are many people in the world that dream of visiting the real off the beaten path experiences on their travels, but have no idea where to find them. A great strategy I've always used is to rely on trusty old Google Maps, pick a continent or country that interests you and then zoom in on the countries tiniest island or most rural village -- go there.
11/05/2015 05:10 EST
Bruno De Hogues via Getty Images

There's More to France than Paris

France is a vibrant country, rich in culture and heritage. Whether it's beaches, countryside, nightlife, wineries, or cuisine, you can find all of it and much more across the country. If you want a metropolitan feel, you can find it in France. If you yearn to hide away from the hustle bustle of city life and just escape, France is also your answer.
10/19/2015 02:43 EDT
Justin Lewis via Getty Images

How to Find Vacation Destinations With the Best Value for Canadians

As the Canadian dollar continues to fall in comparison the U.S. dollar, Canadians will look for ways to save on winter travel. A tool offers Canadians useful estimates for the total cost of a vacation to 119 different countries around the world. These estimates include all the important factors that go into planning a vacation: flights, hotels, meals, transportation, activities and shopping.
10/13/2015 05:19 EDT
oneinchpunch via Getty Images

5 Places to Visit With Your Pet This Fall

Fall is one of the best times of year to hit the road with your furry friends. Campgrounds are less crowded, hotel rates are lower and cool fall weather is easier on your traveling pets. These five destinations in Canada and the United States promise breathtaking scenery and unforgettable adventures for you and your furry friend this fall.
09/11/2015 12:33 EDT

The 13 Most Underrated Places in Canada

As the world's second largest country, there are countless places to visit in Canada, many of which are widely overlooked. While metropolitan cities like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are all great travel destinations, don't miss out on the numerous underrated destinations that the country has to offer
08/22/2015 09:40 EDT