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Fram Dinshaw

Multimedia Journalist

Fram Dinshaw is a multimedia journalist currently based in small-town Saskatchewan who's written extensively for the Vancouver Observer, The Tyee and The Northern Star in Prince George, among others.

A graduate of the University of British Columbia's Journalism program, he enjoys reading, hiking, rock music, a decent movie, and follows Watford Football Club in England, who play close to Gerrards Cross where he grew up.

A keen traveller, Fram's holidayed all over Europe and has ventured as far afield as India and Iran. He speaks some Persian as well as English.
New Pipeline Book Is Signpost At A CP

New Pipeline Book Is Signpost At A Crossroads

Extract: The Pipeline Wars is an explosive, shocking warning that if the Northern Gateway pipeline goes ahead, it's checkmate for climate change as Earth's icecaps melt, oceans rise, and ultimately people and animals die as billions of tons of greenhouse gases are pumped into the sky.
12/23/2012 12:30 EST