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Frances Robertson

Longboarder, Wildlife Biologist, Grad Student

Frances Robertson is a marine wildlife biologist, studying the impact of human activities on marine mammals as part of a PhD program. She is also a longboarder.
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Not All Longboarders are Crazy

Accidents are likely to happen, as in any sport, but we can try to limit their severity by being smart and not reckless. Even as a recreational longboarder I know I have a responsibility to the sport to ensure its longevity, and part of this is to encourage the use of helmets. It is cool to sport a helmet, gloves and pads. It is not cool to skate bare. Helmets are not called brain buckets for nothing! So my message to anyone getting out on a longboard is love it, but love your brain too: Wear a helmet!!
06/11/2013 12:30 EDT