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Francine Dulong

Teacher, Advocate

Francine Dulong is the daughter of the late Jocelyne Couture-Nowak, the Canadian victim of the 2007 Virginia
Tech massacre. Since this tragic event, one of her goals is to prevent the pain and loss of needless gun
violence while promoting responsibility and education on the subject. Her personal knowledge and research
led her to be invited as a witness to the Canadian Senate during the discussion of Bill C-19 (Scrapping the
Long Gun Registry). Francine continues her mother's legacy as a theatre and French language teacher in
Vancouver, BC.
Canada's Gun Laws Are Far From Shutterstock

Canada's Gun Laws Are Far From Bulletproof

While I had long believed in gun control, its importance hit home for me after losing my mother at the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007. Like many Canadians, I took some comfort in the strong Canadian laws and the seeming lack of comparable influence of the Canadian gun lobby compared to their NRA cousins in the US. However, the changes to Canadian gun laws over the past year show that this sense of comfort was naive.
10/12/2012 12:11 EDT