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Fransi Weinstein

Freelance writer and blogger. Also writing a book. Curious about everything.

Fransi Weinstein
writer marketer strategist

Fransi is one of the most awarded copywriter/creative directors in Canada, including the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Canadian Marketing Association in 2000. She has both launched brands and driven results while at Y&R … Grey … J Walter Thompson … Ogilvy … BBDO … and as a founding partner, President and Chief Creative Officer of tattoo direct + digital.

Over the years Weinstein has found time to pen a monthly column for Strategy, contribute articles to Marketing, sit on the Advisory Board for the Humber College Copywriting Program, sit on the Board of the Colorectal Cancer Screening Initiative Foundation, and speak at industry conferences in both Canada and the USA.

She is also currently working on a book and can also be found blogging at
Some Cats Do Have More Than One

Some Cats Do Have More Than One Life

Image of Bartlett by Fransi Weinstein It was a Friday afternoon 15 years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I was sitting at my desk doing whatever it is creative directors do and an email...
08/26/2016 09:43 EDT
So Much For Being

So Much For Being Superstitious

My palm was so itchy this morning it woke me up. I looked to see if I had a rash or dry skin. Nope. Well, I thought to myself: "I guess that means I'm coming into money." It was a tantalizing enough t...
08/25/2016 03:47 EDT
What The Olympics Can Teach Us About Jean Catuffe via Getty Images

What The Olympics Can Teach Us About Life

What Olympic athletes also have in common, whether or not they win medals, is passion, desire, ambition, hunger, determination, confidence and grit. They're not afraid to dream big... Why, then, do so many of us limit ourselves, hold ourselves back, restrict ourselves to "modest" goals -- only to look back at our lives and wonder what might have been?
08/22/2016 03:48 EDT