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About Freaktography:

Freaktography – Captures the present state of the past through  creative photography and urban exploration. The photographer behind Freaktography explores and photographs the normally unseen or off-limits parts of urban areas or industrial facilities. With an interest in abandoned houses, forgotten industrial facilities, derelict medical institutions, rooftopping and storm drains, Freaktography brings his viewers a glimpse into areas that many wouldn’t normally observe.

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Did I Capture A Ghost On Camera In This Abandoned House?

I'm not personally a believer of paranormal activities, having explored and photographed everything from insane asylums, hospitals, morgues, homes where people died and homes where there was a suicide I have never felt anything strange or experienced anything out of the ordinary or unexplained.
10/21/2016 03:28 EDT

These Photos Of Abandoned Houses Will Break Your Heart

Late in 2015 a band called Disturbed released their dark cover of Simon & Garfunkel's Sound of Silence, the song quickly took hold of me and I couldn't get enough of this dark and well done cover of a classic song. Listening to the lyrics I chose to divide each section of the song to a different type of sadness to be found in abandoned houses.
04/14/2016 11:56 EDT
Tetra Images via Getty Images

This Ontario Photographer Chronicled An Unexpected Friendship

On her birthday, Ontario phogorapher The Tourist (AKA Leslie) was on her way home after a day of exploring and decided to make one last stop at a house she had been curious about for some time -- this was a decision that would not only change her life -- but that of another.  I will let you discover this story just as I had, through her words and Instagram posts
04/04/2016 04:02 EDT
Morten Falch Sortland via Getty Images

Being A Photographer In The Age Of Social Media

With the rising popularity of digital technology, social media has become a tempting platform for photographers to promote their talents online. Disseminated by Facebook, Instagram on smart phones, tablets and home computers, photography today thrives online. Through my images, I portray stories to people interested in appreciating forgotten and abandoned places, unique cityscapes and places that are generally off-limits to the general public.
03/17/2016 03:02 EDT

Photography Prints Make Your Walls Come Alive

Once the furniture sets are settled and the walls are painted, it's time for someone to decorate the bare walls with eye catching and interesting photography prints. When thinking about decorating your walls, the first thing that comes to mind is a painting, a family portrait and wallpaper.
08/27/2015 01:00 EDT

Here's What I Found While Taking Photos of Abandoned Homes

I like to consider it "capturing the present state of the past" -- the rooms remain today (for the most part) as they were in the past, the day the last person walked out the door. Behind closet doors, inside dresser drawers, on top of dressers and especially in attics or basement, you can really find some odd and freaky things in an abandoned house. It may sound odd to a person who either has never heard of photographing abandoned houses, or to someone who has never actually been inside one but there is most definitely beauty in decay. 
08/06/2015 12:54 EDT

Photo Essay: 25 Abandoned Houses From Across Ontario

As we experience growth an alarming number of homes are being left, literally in the dust. Some will be saved and given heritage status, but most will be demolished. But it's not just the physical home that will be lost, inside these homes are memories, photographs and furniture. Many of the images in this photo essay are from homes that are now demolished and these scenes will never be seen again.
04/29/2015 05:30 EDT

Rooftopping: What It's Really Like Up There

I've spent most of my time on roofs and construction sites late at night, and that is by far my favourite time to be up. I've spoken of the constant buzz of the city, the honking horns, the sirens, the chatter that, oddly enough you can hear from 50-60 floors up. But aside from the sounds of the city -- being at the top of a major city at night just feels good.
02/21/2015 03:15 EST

Where Time Stands Still: 10 Stopped Clocks in Abandoned Places

Most abandoned places are empty with little to no signs of the lives that were once lived. After the door has closed, the elements and time begin to wear on the inside. Paint peels, floors sag, ceilings crumble and eventually the home crumbles onto itself. Here are 10 photos of time, standing still inside long abandoned places.
02/12/2015 12:57 EST

13 Photos of Creepy Abandoned Places [PHOTOS]

On any day, passing an abandoned building can be creepy, but there is something about seeing abandoned buildings in the Fall, specifically around Halloween that cranks the creepy factor high! Here, just in time for Halloween are 13 Photos of Creepy Abandoned Places.
10/28/2014 12:52 EDT

The Mysterious Abandoned Church [PHOTOS]

A rarity among Ontario's abandoned places are churches, Ontario's back roads are full of vacant and abandoned homes and buildings, however churches are a rare find. Cities like Detroit, Buffalo and other U.S. cities offer a full range of abandonments, including churches from large cathedral like to smaller community churches.
02/03/2014 12:10 EST

A Look Inside Abandoned Asylums and Hospitals [PHOTOS]

An abandoned medical institution, compared to a normal abandoned house introduces an entirely different level of curiosity and intrigue to the hobby of Urban Exploration and photography. Peppered all over the United States and Europe and a few in Canada are decaying and forgotten insane asylums.
01/13/2014 05:18 EST

The Forgotten Staircases of Abandoned Buildings [PHOTOS]

One of the qualities of an old home that seems to have been left out of our modern day cookie cutter homes is an elegant looking staircase. Hardwood banisters and railings, winding stairs, double wide steps, heavy anchoring newel post at the base -- I've seen many simple abandoned homes from years ago that all have an elegant staircase...
01/03/2014 05:32 EST

A Year of Great Heights: Discovering Rooftopping

2012 was my first year of exploring abandoned places. I had also been following along with the rooftopping craze. Finding myself obsessed with wanting to try this, in November of 2012 I started researching and seeing what I could learn and where I should go.
12/24/2013 07:36 EST

Curiosity Killed the Cat: A Sad Story From an Abandoned Home

After circling the entire house in the surrounding sun room I made my way inside the house, I was immediately overcome by the smell of urine, cat feces, cat death. I had not, up to that point, ever been inside an abandoned house like this, this size, the amount of items left behind, it was a very overwhelming feeling.
12/19/2013 06:23 EST