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Fred Dolan

Vicar of Opus Dei for Canada

Frederick Dolan has been the Vicar of Opus Dei for Canada since February 1998. He studied literature and history at Columbia University.

Serving Others is its Own Reward

Nietzsche's creed came down to the declaration that "there is no God, no afterlife, and therefore man is completely on his own." For anyone who has bought into this vision of life, the driving force will be an ideology of power and domination. Such intangible values as generosity and mercy will most likely be scorned. But helping and caring for others is its own reward.
08/02/2012 07:01 EDT

There Might Yet Be an Afterlife for Hitchens

Christians, particularly, have a compelling reason to believe in eternal life. Not only did Jesus speak often about the life that awaits us in heaven, but he then rose from the dead and, during forty days, appeared to hundreds of people. A betting man would not want to ignore that clue.
12/16/2011 04:37 EST