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Frederick Ghahramani

Technology entrepreneur, engineer, & privacy advocate. CEO & Founder of Just10, a social network designed around privacy and data protection

Frederick Ghahramani is a technology entrepreneur, engineer, and privacy advocate. He is the CEO and Founder of Just10, a new social network that enables greater freedom of expression by better protecting people’s privacy.

Ghahramani previously founded airG Incorporated in his final year of university, and helped scale the consumer software company to over 100 million customers generating more than $1 billion in product revenues through a roster of top telecom clients including AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and Virgin Mobile. Ghahramani’s teams have received numerous entrepreneurial awards including the First Place Prize in the BMO New Ventures BC Competition, the BDC Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and Media Corp’s Top 50 Employers of Young People.

Ghahramani’s family fled from the oppressive totalitarian regime in Iran. He became a privacy advocate when he realized that digital technology was being used to erode the rights and freedoms of everyday citizens in ways that felt all too familiar from his childhood. His philanthropy has included donations to civil-society groups campaigning for digital privacy and freedom of expression, including CJFE (a Journalists group advocating for Free Expression), CIPPIC (a Public Interest Legal Clinic), and OpenMedia.
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