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Furakh Mir

Founder & President of Meningitis Relief Canada, a registered charity dedicated to improving the lives of all those impacted by meningitis.

Furakh Mir is the Founder and President of Meningitis Relief Canada (MRC), a registered charity dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families afflicted by meningitis by providing means to heal and rebuild. Mir started the organization after her newborn son was misdiagnosed by both her local hospital and walk-in clinic before being successfully diagnosed and treated at the Hospital of Sick Kids three years ago. Mir regularly shares her story in an effort to raise awareness and improve knowledge of the dangers of meningitis so that other families may avoid experiencing a similar ordeal. Furakh is a practicing lawyer and lives in Brampton, Ontario with her husband Burhan and their two sons Sulayman and Yaseen.

Parents, Vaccinations Can Help Protect the Health of Your Family

Children (and adults) in Ontario should receive a routine schedule of vaccines against a long list of diseases. If your children aren't up to date on those vaccinations, I urge you to make a doctor's appointment now. Vaccination is one of the most important things you can do to protect the health of your family.
05/27/2015 08:05 EDT
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What You Need to Know About Meningitis

Vaccines are the only effective prevention we have, but right now they are only available against certain strains of the disease. I believe that all Canadians need to get vaccinated, but families and medical professionals still need to remain vigilant and know the signs and symptoms, in order to get the proper medical help before it's too late.
07/07/2014 05:48 EDT