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G. Elijah Dann

Ph.D.; Th.D.; Philosophy & Religion, Simon Fraser University, Author

G. Elijah Dann holds the Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Waterloo and the Doctorat en Théologie from the Université de Strasbourg, France. He teaches philosophy and religion for the Seniors Program at Simon Fraser University, and has been Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for Studies in Religion and Society at the University of Victoria in British Columbia.

Dann has taught in departments of religion, philosophy, and health sciences, including the Department of Philosophy at the University of Toronto. Along with his teaching, research, and writing responsibilities, from 1999-2007, he also served as the Clinical Ethicist for Grand River Hospital in Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario.

He is author of the books God and the Public Square and After Rorty: The Possibilities for Ethics and Religious Belief. He is co-author of An Ethics for Today: Finding Common Ground Between Philosophy and Religion, editor of Leaving Fundamentalism, and co-editor of Philosophy: A New Introduction.
Empty Political Theatre Will Define Justin Trudeau's

Empty Political Theatre Will Define Justin Trudeau's Legacy

Harper, in a very real sense, was very right and very wrong. Trudeau wasn't ready to govern as a progressive, transparent, truthful and thoughtful PM. But Trudeau certainly has demonstrated that he's a textbook example of political theatre, carefully managing public opinion not only in Canada, but around the world.
05/30/2017 09:12 EDT
Is Justin Trudeau The Post-Fact Face Of

Is Justin Trudeau The Post-Fact Face Of Fascism?

Sure, I'll admit it. And, I'd also add that Justin doesn't have the kind of temperament as Trump, and Trudeau lacks the overt, brute power of the post-fact machinations of an American sized, propaganda machine. But be careful here. It's exactly that sort of reasoning that makes fascism so dangerous. Mesmerized by the most extreme perpetrators, we can then unconsciously ignore egregious abuses of democracy by more "normal," even cuddly-appearing leaders.
04/17/2017 05:02 EDT
Franklin Graham And The Christian Festival Of

Franklin Graham And The Christian Festival Of Shame

Think, "Hope." Then think, "Franklin Graham." Now put them together in a sentence that reads: "Festival of Hope with Franklin Graham." If you haven't heard, now imagine a rally supported by a broad swath of the Christian community in the greater Vancouver community.
02/28/2017 09:42 EST
Justin Trudeau And The Goldilocks

Justin Trudeau And The Goldilocks Syndrome

While it might not be noticed at first glance, proper arguing has a moral component to it: One shouldn't convince people with tricks of language. This apparently wasn't a lesson learned by our prime minister during his university days. In fact, it's now quite obvious Mr. Trudeau thinks he's quite within his rights as prime minister to use fallacious reasoning to prop his decisions and policies in Parliament, and in front of the cameras. His emerging favourite? The "Goldilocks fallacy."
02/03/2017 07:49 EST
There's No 'Middle Ground' In The Climate

There's No 'Middle Ground' In The Climate Debate

We aren't arguing about what colour to paint the local hockey arena. It's about the science concerning one of the most dire issues facing humanity. So for starters, how about if we don't ask how to "reconcile" public opinion before knowing what the science says?
12/28/2016 11:48 EST
Trump Won Because Of Elitism, Not

Trump Won Because Of Elitism, Not Sexism

Imagine. You, me or anyone else in a democracy deciding that because we are really convinced it's somebody's time, that we can then use our position of power to rig that outcome. How much more tragic when that Presidential candidate may have resulted in a Democrat like Bernie Sanders. Piling on the tragedy is the likelihood that a Sanders presidency could've brought a Democratic majority in the Senate and the House.
11/11/2016 07:32 EST
Canada Has Legions Of Ken Bones Of Its

Canada Has Legions Of Ken Bones Of Its Own

So how did this red-sweatered troll, posing as an undecided voter, get selected to appear on stage at such an event to ask, "the question"? Typical, it turns out. For starters, he made no prior mention of his deep ties to the fossil fuel industry. Just a concerned, undecided voter.
10/17/2016 09:53 EDT
Talking About Wildfires And Climate Change Isn't Playing

Talking About Wildfires And Climate Change Isn't Playing Politics

Why does Elizabeth May get a media beating for stating we have another terrible example of our need to be very, very serious about climate change? Just like other catastrophic events, a given tragedy is proportional to the tough questions that necessarily follow. "But not now"? May was immediately berated by Justin Trudeau, other politicians, some of the media and social media. The charge? She was "trying to make a political argument out of one particular disaster." How's that? Stating that climate change is political, instead about science, is exactly the problem.
05/10/2016 05:04 EDT
Chairman Harper Was Right About Justin

Chairman Harper Was Right About Justin Trudeau

The greatest worry about Justin's pre-electoral inexperience was his sympathetic talk about oil pipelines and, for those of us in BC, Premier Christy Clark's aspirations for LNG. True, Mr. Trudeau didn't keep his mutually exclusive views a secret. He had already made his thoughts known about how it could be done "environmentally responsibly," a notion that's in contrast to the overwhelming science on climate change.
04/20/2016 04:15 EDT
The Human Capacity For Denial Will Only Get Us So

The Human Capacity For Denial Will Only Get Us So Far

Unlike other species with no ability for self-reflection, humans are able to tell themselves fictions and myths, religious or not, to mollify and placate. Denial enabled early Homo sapiens ignore the realities of their fragile circumstances. But while the capacity for denial enabled continuance of the human species, at this stage of the game in our present evolution, our individual and collective undoing may be inevitable.
01/14/2016 01:44 EST
Atheism Is Not A

Atheism Is Not A Worldview

Unlike any other time in our human history, we now can have a worldview completely independent of religious belief. And given the rich variety of other beliefs we can now hold, there's nothing more in common non-believers may have with each other.
11/30/2015 02:40 EST
Harper Is Right When He Says Justin Isn't

Harper Is Right When He Says Justin Isn't Ready

We shouldn't be judging a political leader on what he or she has been saying or doing a few weeks before an election. Assessment needs to be based on the prior years. In Mr. Trudeau's case, even putting aside the question of what we should expect to see in someone with such a privileged upbringing, a quick review of the past couple years is evidence enough.
10/15/2015 12:46 EDT
Should Climate Change Deniers Face

Should Climate Change Deniers Face Consequences?

There indeed should be some kind of negative payoff for vehemently arguing against the betterment -- and now survival -- of humanity. Some kind of recompense for assaulting moral progress and engaging in deception, manipulation and overt falsehoods.
06/11/2015 12:28 EDT