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Gabriel Granatstein

Lawyer, veteran, writer and Canadian.

Gabriel Granatstein is a lawyer, veteran, writer originally from Quebec and living in Toronto.
Target's Flaw Was in Its Plan, Not in Its Andrew Vaughan/The Canadian Press

Target's Flaw Was in Its Plan, Not in Its People

The death of a company is not a pretty thing. The announcement on January 15 was earth-shattering for so many. However, my faith in my colleagues -- my fellow Canadians -- is only reinforced by what we've tried to do to help each other since the announcement we were closing. We are trying to help each other find jobs. We are reviewing our friends' CVs.
01/17/2015 06:33 EST
Veterans' Issues Should Be Above CP

Veterans' Issues Should Be Above Politics

Veterans' issues should be above politics. The men and women who serve our country, who are killed and maimed in its name and who bring their families into service with them (who serve in a different but substantial way) deserve more than to be the subject of political rhetoric and the object of electoral gamesmanship that is neither befitting our country nor helpful to our veterans.
01/11/2015 10:47 EST