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Gabriel Yiu

Immigrant, Commentator, Social Activist

Gabriel Yiu is a successful small business owner, award-winning journalist and broadcaster, social activist, community engagement expert and arts administrator. He immigrated from Hong Kong to Vancouver in 1991.
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B.C.'s Decade Under NDP Was Anything But 'Lost'

After 16 years in government, the B.C. Liberals are still using the "Lost Decade" to refer to the NDP's last period of governance in order to scare voters. Was the economy under the NDP in the '90s that bad? By certain measures the NDP of the '90s actually had the best economic performance.
04/27/2017 09:47 EDT
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Should We Blame The Housing Crisis On Immigrants?

The most basic economic principle is, when there is a rise in demand, the invisible force of supply will kick in, and this is how economic growth is generated. For those who want to blame the housing crisis on immigrants, let's think about how our economy would look like if B.C. or Canada did not have the intake and growth brought by immigrants.
01/12/2017 08:22 EST
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Canada Can Help Support The Long-Term Success Of Refugees

Canada is a young country and we lack the long history and cultural heritage like European countries. We do not share the American Dream nor America's melting-pot culture. Thus, we provide better ground for multiculturalism to flourish; we let refugees and immigrants from around the world preserve their culture and heritage.
08/29/2016 06:01 EDT
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Trudeau Violence Suggests Bigger Issues Behind Closed Doors

Trudeau's apology is illustrative of the behaviour of a child being caught with his hand in the cookie jar, then arguing it wasn't his fault because someone else put the jar there in the first place. His so-called apology was not so much about an acknowledgement of a wrongdoing, it was more about trying to put a spin on his indefensible actions.
05/24/2016 09:43 EDT
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Conservatives' Bills Continue To Haunt Immigrants And Refugees

They first installed Bill C-31 to target the refugees, then in 2014 enacted Bill C-24 that turned immigrants and their families into second-class citizens. During that time, the Conservatives scrapped 280,000 skilled worker immigration applications. They stripped tens of thousands of foreign students of the opportunity to seek work and stay in Canada. They raised the bar for immigrants to become citizens.
03/28/2016 02:31 EDT
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Justin Trudeau Plays Politics With the Best of Them

I was quite taken aback by Justin Trudeau's performance at the Globe and Mail debate. We have all seen how Stephen Harper's Conservatives fail to tell the truth and mislead the public, so it's hard to believe that anyone could do worse. My issue with Trudeau has nothing to do with his performance or speaking skill. It has everything to do with the substance and content of his speech, and this speaks to his integrity.
09/28/2015 05:36 EDT

Corporate Tax Cuts Have Made Canada a Poorer Country

Canada does not follow the U.S. in spending astronomical amounts of funds to develop and purchase weapons and use them in wars. Our health care expense is way lower than that of the U.S. The U.S. spends about 17 per cent of its GDP on health care, whereas the Canada medical share is around 11 per cent. So where has the Canadian government's money gone?
09/16/2015 08:04 EDT

Why the Resource-Rich Canadian Government Is Always Poor

Canada has plentiful natural resources and a relatively small population of 35 million. Yet our government always claims it is short of money. Middle East countries are rich because of oil, but Canada has many other valuable natural resources. Why is our government so poor?
08/31/2015 05:27 EDT

Harper Is Faking His Record

Let's take a look at the Harper Conservatives. Basically their ads and messages are there to create an illusion of good economy, sound fiscal management and the country under the threat of terrorism. In short, the Conservatives are faking their governing record.
08/13/2015 05:38 EDT
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Why the NDP Is Leading in the Polls

Canadians now realize that the most likely party that could defeat the federal Conservatives and bring real change is the NDP. As a result, we could see from the recent polls that support for the Liberals is withering whereas that for the Conservatives is stagnant, and that for the NDP is rising.
07/16/2015 05:34 EDT
Marcel Lech

Tax Super-Luxury Vehicles To Raise Money For TransLink

In B.C., a 12 per cent sales tax plus three per cent luxury vehicle surtax means there is still quite a bit of room to move up. If the province implements a five to eight per cent super-luxury vehicle surtax, the revenue collected should be able to cover the 0.5 per cent sales tax that was rejected.
07/15/2015 08:01 EDT