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Gabrielle Scrimshaw

Stanford MBA ('17). Harvard MPA ('18). Co-Founder, Aboriginal Professional Association of Canada.

Gabrielle Scrimshaw is a young professional with a passion to create social impact. Born in Northern Canada, Gabrielle is a proud member of the Hatchet Lake First Nation. Over the past ten years, she has studied international business and policy in Australasia, Asia, the Americas, Africa, and Europe. In 2011, Gabrielle co-founded the Aboriginal Professional Association of Canada, a non-profit organization now considered a global thought leader in indigenous leadership. She is currently pursuing a joint-degree with Stanford Graduate School of Business and Harvard Kennedy School.
5 Surprising Foods That Pair Well With takasuu via Getty Images

5 Surprising Foods That Pair Well With Sake

In North America, sake is often considered something to be paired solely with sushi. That couldn't be farther from the truth. As a lighter wine, sake goes well with seafood and vegetable based dishes. Full bodied sakes can be paired with slightly spicy, deep-fried, and saltier foods. It should be avoided with overly flavourful foods such as BBQ, as that would overpower the delicate sake taste.
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Taking the Long View on Aboriginal Education

In our culture, it is often said that it is easier to step where someone else has stepped before you. This rings true for career and leadership development. We need to continue to build pathways for Aboriginal people to develop and succeed in meaningful careers.
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