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Gail McInnes

Owner, Magnet Creative Management

Glasgow-born, Toronto-based Gail McInnes has been involved in Toronto’s fashion scene for 14 years and has been described as the linchpin of the industry.

Her expertise encompasses all areas such as model and artist management, casting, retail market research, fashion show coordination, marketing, promotions, sponsorship, event planning, trend forecasting, and fashion reporting.

Gail also has an extensive network containing some of the industry’s most influential members and she is often sought out for her discerning advice.

Gail launched her marketing, promotions and events management company Magnet Creative Management in early 2010, working with established and emerging fashion and lifestyle brands; including LINE Knitwear, Krane, Toronto Fashion Incubator, MICALLA, Ukamaku, Starkers Corsetry by Dianna DiNoble, and SOOS Rocks Jewellery.
Gail gained international recognition when she was recently nominated as “Communicator of the Year” by the prestigious Scottish Fashion Awards, in association with

Gail devotes her time to furthering the careers of the next generation of fashion entrepreneurs through esteemed organizations Youth Employment Services (YES) working with at-risk youth as the A Passion for Fashion program coordinator, the Toronto Fashion Incubator (TFI) as a contributor of TFI News, and as a guest speaker and judge at various colleges and universities.

Gail is a graduate of the honours graduate of Humber College’s Fashion Arts program.

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