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Gareth Kirkby

Strategic communicator, writer. Masters thesis exploring 'advocacy chill' among charities jumpstarted national conversation on abuse of power by federal Conservative government

Gareth Kirkby is a former award-winning journalist and media manager who recently completed a Master’s thesis and now works in communications. He is interested in how to communicate for a better world in a way that motivates people rather than depresses and disempowers them. His Master's research blog is at
Stephen Harper's Legacy Will Be a Democratic CP

Stephen Harper's Legacy Will Be a Democratic Deficit

Forget the election debate over budget deficits and tolerance of the veil. We have another deficit in Canada and it is neither looming nor veiled. We're in the midst of an incrementally created democratic deficit that after nine years of accumulated budget cuts, abuse of power, and muzzling diverse voices has now arguably put at risk our democracy's health and vigour.
10/15/2015 05:05 EDT
How Tories Bully Charities and Abuse CP

How Tories Bully Charities and Abuse Power

Canadian charities are experiencing an "advocacy chill" and changing the way they go about their work as a result of what they say is "bullying" by the Harper Conservative government. My just completed Master's thesis research finds that the denunciatory rhetoric of government ministers against charities, followed by stepped up audits is having its toll not only on charity operations, but also on the strength of Canada's public discussions and thus on the vigor of democracy itself.
07/16/2014 12:30 EDT