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Gary Pieters

Educator, social-policy commentator, community animator and volunteer with a focus on equity, diversity, inclusion and human rights

Gary Pieters is an educator. He previously served as president of the Urban Alliance on Race Relations; Co-Chair of the Embracing Hope Building Community (a project of 30 community groups); a member of the steering committee for the Ontario Common Front Assembly (of the Ontario Federation of Labour-Community Alliance); and Editor of the Canadian Black Heritage in the Third Millennium Website. Gary Pieters has contributed to a large number of op eds and other articles in news publications, has given many presentations as a speaker and conference participant in recent years, and has won several awards.
We Can't Afford To Slow Down the Fight For Human Butch Martin via Getty Images

We Can't Afford To Slow Down the Fight For Human Rights

The fact is that our world was built on massive violations of human rights. The trans-Atlantic slave trade was matched in its brutality by the slave labour of indigenous people in the silver and gold mines of South America -- millions died in the Pitosi mine alone. The first joint-stock corporation, the Dutch East Indies Company, included enslaving of indigenous people in its business model.
12/14/2014 02:02 EST