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Gavin Sheppard

Gavin Sheppard is the founder of I.C. Visions and co-founder of the Remix Project. He has been involved in community development and the cultural industries professionally since the age of 17. A board member of Schools Without Borders and the Chair of the Youth Organizing Committee with the Laidlaw Foundation, Gavin is consistently building & networking organizations and helping organizations grow to their full potential.

He has been an artist and producer manager to Rochester a.k.a Juice and Tone Mason Inc. as well as a consultant for countless artists, producers, and companies throughout Canada involved in the hip-hop and arts & cultural industries. As the Executive Director for the Remix Project, Gavin is charged with the overall development of the program as well as overseeing the day to day operations. Gavin is a strong advocate for both young people and the arts throughout the world, speaking regularly at venues as diverse as the Canadian Heritage All-Staff retreat, to conferences for UN Habitat and the Organization of American States on safe cities. Gavin was also a member of Mayor Miller’s community safety secretariat, a co-founder of the Grassroots Youth Collaborative (GYC) and the South Etobicoke Youth Assembly (SEYA).

Gavin is a 2010 TED Fellow, a 2010 Vital People award recipient from the Toronto Community Foundation and is a 2011 Yale World Fellow.
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TEDx Toronto: Turning At-Risk Youth Into Entrepreneurs

For some kids, the neighbourhood is what they know, their safety blanket. And for some reason, they won't leave. What we don't have in our communities is deep investment. Once we get past those defences we can start talking about credit, and how you can obtain it, how you can walk into a meeting place to achieve what you're passionate about achieving. We start taking the intuitive skills they have learned from living in the hood. Desperation breeds ingenuity. It's the idea of creatively understanding the skills and ideas that are there in these communities and what's necessary to support them: deep investment, time, understanding, and capital.
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