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Geeta Nadkarni

Creator of Baby Got Booked, an online course to help entrepreneurs do their own PR. Audiobook addict, thoughtful parent, animal lover.

Geeta inherited her zeal for storytelling from her Dad, who used to get his three daughters to tuck HIM into HIS bed and massage his feet while he wove intricate tales of spies, killer monkeys and farting dragons. Any residual resistance to the call of the pen was dismissed the summer she turned 10, when Mr. Nadkarni forced his girls to write three essays a week or they couldn’t go out to play.

Geeta got her first paid (and international!) writing gig at age 12 and in the more than two decades since, she’s worked for the CBC, CNN, Global TV, Reader’s Digest, the Montreal Gazette, Asia Pacific Broadcasting (and more) producing print, TV, radio and new media. She was voted “Best TV Personality” by the readers of the Montreal Mirror and has been featured in the Montreal Book of Everything. She is the creator of Baby Got Booked, an online course to help entrepreneurs do their own PR in a way that makes them every journalist's dream come true.
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