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Genevieve Michaels

Writer, Student, Gallery Worker

Genevieve Michaels studies art history and creative writing at the University of British Columbia. She works as both an art gallery assistant and freelance writer.

You can find her on Twitter @GenevieveAnneM and Instagram @genevieveannemichaels.
Vancouver Counts Down To Indian Summer Fest RBB via Getty Images

Vancouver Counts Down To Indian Summer Fest 2016

The sixth annual Indian Summer Festival is fast approaching, and arts and culture lovers all over our city are gearing up for what promises to be the most intellectually stimulating ten days of the year. Taking place from July 7th to 16th, the festival combines a range of events featuring thinkers, artists, and leaders from Canada, South Asia, and beyond into a program that promises to be enlightening, entertaining, and inclusive.
06/24/2016 01:59 EDT
Andrea Hooge Hides 'Secret Jokes' in Her Andrea Hooge

Andrea Hooge Hides 'Secret Jokes' in Her Art

One thing you could never say about Andrea Hooge's art is that it takes itself too seriously. Kittens begging for treats, a doll barfing rainbows and detailed renditions of Bill Murray characters are just some of the things she's brought to life. Her body of work is diverse, prolific and reflective of her high level of skill.
06/09/2015 05:01 EDT