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Geoff Heinricks

Author, pundit, winemaker.

Geoff Heinricks is a winegrower in Prince Edward County, Ontario. He fled Toronto with his young family in 1995 to grow pinot noir, yet continued to write from the as yet undiscovered rural peninsula, as an editor at Frank magazine and freelance contributor to the usual host of national newspapers and magazines. His 1994 memoir A Fool and Forty Acres is still in print with McClelland and Stewart. Until late 2011 he was winemaker and vineyard manager at Keint-he Winery and Vineyard.
Lord Black is Worth

Lord Black is Worth Importing

I have no reservation about saying I'm glad he's back in the country. With Conrad Black's return we have one of our own to obsess over, a person with real world accomplishments and who speaks a far more amusing variant of English. I'm just grateful we have a domestic entity worth the breath and energy we're expending.
05/07/2012 10:39 EDT