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George Roter

CEO and Co-Founder, Engineers Without Borders Canada

George Roter has been recognized as one of Canada’s leaders in the non-profit sector and believes that Canadians are passionate about driving social change. George co-founded Engineers Without Borders (EWB) as a movement of engineers driven to create meaningful and lasting opportunities for Africans by tackling the root causes of why poverty persists. EWB envisions a world where the next generation of Africans will have the same opportunities as Canadians today.
Redefining the Problem of

Redefining the Problem of Poverty

We were going into battle against poverty, and we were going to win. But the battlefield was strewn relics of past attempts; most common were rusted water pumps. We naively thought that we could simply "engineer" better solutions. We couldn't.
09/12/2011 04:11 EDT