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Georgialee Lang BA JD is a Vancouver lawyer and arbitrator who writes at She is a regular media commentator and is listed in “Best Lawyers in Canada” and “Lexpert”. Her website is
Compelling New Book Details Wrongful Conviction Of B.C.'s Ivan CP

Compelling New Book Details Wrongful Conviction Of B.C.'s Ivan Henry

With twists and turns galore, as well as an unvarnished glimpse of Canada's brutal prison system, McEwen's book is a compelling must-read for anyone who still believes justice should be blind, and that it is better that 10 guilty men go free than to have one innocent man suffer.
10/15/2014 05:14 EDT
Why Divorce Lawyers Will Never Work For a Fixed lofilolo via Getty Images

Why Divorce Lawyers Will Never Work For a Fixed Fee

Speaking of emails, most lawyers spend a lot of time reading lengthy email missives from their clients, and also multiple strings of nasty emails between client and his or her spouse, many of which will be producible for court. Hard to predict in advance whether you'll need to read a hundred emails or several thousand.
08/14/2014 05:31 EDT
Post-Divorce, Equal Parenting Should Be Shutterstock

Post-Divorce, Equal Parenting Should Be Policy

Saskatchewan Conservative MP Maurice Vellacott's indefatigable efforts to introduce shared parenting into Canada's Divorce Act has been an exercise in futility, its defeat yesterday an event that is no surprise to its advocates. What ought to be paramount is a cultural switch that emphasizes that children need both parents in their lives, and that, in and of itself, is in a child's best interests, despite society's increasingly male-absent procreation and child-rearing agendas. Outdated research that celebrates maternal preferences is no longer valid, but try telling that to Canada's lawmakers.
05/30/2014 09:04 EDT
Warren Jeffs' Tyranny Over Bountiful,

Warren Jeffs' Tyranny Over Bountiful, B.C.

Imprisoned Warren Jeffs who ruled a polygamous sect in Creston, B.C., called Bountiful, may be losing his hold on power. At Bountiful, both fathers and mothers who have been banished by Jeffs or taken the brave step of leaving voluntarily, are fighting back, trying to regain control of their lives, and more importantly, taking steps to rescue their children, who are suffering terribly.
09/10/2012 08:34 EDT
How Not to Tell Your Spouse You Want a alamy

How Not to Tell Your Spouse You Want a Divorce

Telling your spouse you want a divorce is always a difficult moment. Many men and women simply don't have the guts to say it as it is, so they take the coward's way out by living their lives as if the...
12/22/2011 01:34 EST
5 Reasons to Fire Your Divorce Thinkstock

5 Reasons to Fire Your Divorce Lawyer

Why do clients of divorce lawyers change lawyers so frequently? It's because they are caught in an emotional vortex, facing the unknown and dreading the journey. However, there are legitimate reasons to fire your divorce lawyer.
10/04/2011 07:51 EDT
Do Custody Wars Poison

Do Custody Wars Poison Children?

Parents who fight over child custody and access bring out the worst in themselves and often poison their children along the way. Divorce lawyers who are stuck in the middle of high conflict family dis...
09/28/2011 03:57 EDT
10 Signs You're in for a Difficult

10 Signs You're in for a Difficult Divorce

Amicable divorces remain that way until a husband begins a serious relationship with a new lady. One of the easiest ways to have your divorce come "off the rails" is to flaunt a new paramour before your wife is emotionally ready, which in some cases is never.
09/13/2011 11:33 EDT
Even Divorce Lawyers Can't Afford a Divorce

Even Divorce Lawyers Can't Afford a Divorce Lawyer

It should come as no surprise to anyone that many Canadians cannot afford a lawyer. In fact, lawyers often joke that if they had to pay a lawyer, they too couldn't afford it. Nowhere is this dilemma more obvious than in family courts.
09/09/2011 05:00 EDT
Anonymous Sperm Donation Harms

Anonymous Sperm Donation Harms Children

While anonymity may suit parents and donor, the evidence showed that these children suffer significant psychological and psychosocial difficulties brought on by health concerns, the lack of personal identity, and a sense of loss and incompleteness.
07/01/2011 06:15 EDT

Vancouver's Shame

There is a palpable sense of embarrassment as downtown workers return to the scene of the crime, where the aftermath of last night's riot is evident. The question on everyone's lips is "How could this happen?" The Canucks deserved better than this.
06/16/2011 11:32 EDT