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Gerard Montpetit

Activist for green energies of the future.

Gérard Montpetit was born in 1946  in eastern Ontario. Since 1979, he lives in La Présentation (35 km east of Montreal; exit #123 of the TransCanada highway) in a home he built  himself.

After  he obtained a diploma from the University of Ottawa, he taught in secondary schools for 33 years including 27 years for the school board of Saint-Hyacinthe. He retired in 2007.

In 1992, he became a member of the CCCPEM (comité des citoyens et citoyennes pour la protection de l'environnement maskoutain).  Since 2010, he studies the negative side-effects of hydraulic fracturing. The fraxed gas well of La Présentation is approx. 8 km from his home while the  drilling rig of the well of Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu could be seen from his home in November 2010. These are the main reasons  why he is involved with various environmental groups, all operating in a confederation of committees called RVHQ (Regroupement Vigilance Hydrocarbures du Québec).

He regularly writes articles which are published in various media. In order to have a sound future for coming generations, he is fighting to reduce the use of fossil fuels, which are responsible for climate change. He believes that the Paris Accord must be implemented as soon as possible.

 In April 2017, he published an anthology of one hundred texts, written in French, entitled "L'histoire de la lutte aux hydrocarbures à travers 100 textes de Gérard Montpetit."

Energy East Has No Place In The 21st TransCanada

Energy East Has No Place In The 21st Century

Energy East wants to force the Canadian economy in this 19th century straight-jacket for the next 40 years. As a member of the G8, we need an economy based on know-how, renewable energies, manufacturing as well as refining our natural resources. Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre is right in rejecting TransCanada's antiquated project.
01/25/2016 02:31 EST
TransCanada Must Believe In Santa bashta via Getty Images

TransCanada Must Believe In Santa Claus

In a press release dated Dec. 18, TransCanada announced that "support for Energy East is growing across Canada." Did I read that right, or is this merely a wish list that TransCanada has sent to Santa Claus on Christmas Eve? TC seems to believe that social acceptability is on the rise!
12/22/2015 05:03 EST
Who Do Citizens Get To Getty Images

Who Do Citizens Get To Lobby?

As a member of the minority of 99 per cent, I am dreaming that a high-ranking volunteer of the new government would give me advice on how to influence the newly-elected prime minister who will negotiate next December's Paris Conference and the necessary reduction of greenhouse gases.
10/26/2015 12:10 EDT
The Trans-Pacific Partnership Puts Democracy Up for AFP

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Puts Democracy Up for Sale

Commerce is a desirable economic activity, but it should never force us to renounce our fundamental values. Democracy and due process of law, based on humanistic values are way above the dollar sign. The legal basis of the lawsuit of Lone Pine are incompatible with the principles of a free democratic society.
10/09/2015 05:28 EDT
We Still Need to Pay Attention to Nuclear Safety in shutterstock

We Still Need to Pay Attention to Nuclear Safety in Quebec

Remember that a few years ago, the Harper government fired Linda Keen, then President of the CNSC, because she questioned the safety of the Chalk River reactor, which produces bio-medical isotopes. By firing a person who had as her mandate the safety of citizens in nuclear matters, and who had the courage to question the laxity of nuclear industry safety, has the CNSC and the Canadian government truly protected the public?
10/06/2015 05:33 EDT
The Oil Lobby Should Let Go of Outdated Scott Olson via Getty Images

The Oil Lobby Should Let Go of Outdated Technology

If humanity does not want to suffer catastrophic climate change, it must limit the global rise in temperature to a maximum of two degrees Celsius. Quebec, Canada and the world must head towards a post-carbon economy without delay. Amongst other things, the Energy Board believes that the TransCanada Energy East pipeline is desirable. Instead of holding on to the past, why not immediately invest in the green technologies of the future?
01/23/2015 09:17 EST
A Toast to Drinking Huffington Post

A Toast to Drinking Water

La Présentation, October 31, 2013 Mr John Gorman, Vice-President, Halliburton Canada Mr Michael Binnion, President QOGA Mr Nicolas Marceau, Quebec minister of finances Re : A toast to drinking water...
11/07/2013 12:14 EST