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Gerry Nicholls

Communications consultant and writer

Gerry Nicholls is a communications consultant and writer who has been called a “political warrior” a “brilliant strategist” and one of the “canniest political observers in Canada.”

He has worked on political campaigns both in the United States and Canada and was formerly a senior officer in the National Citizens Coalition, Canada’s largest organization for the defence of economic and political freedoms.

You can learn more about Gerry by visiting his website.

His columns on political issues have appeared in major newspapers and he has also been a guest on countless TV and radio public affairs programs.

He is the author of the book, Loyal to the Core, Harper, Me and the NCC.

He currently resides in Oakville.
What's Worse Than an Attack Ad? A Syrupy Sweet

What's Worse Than an Attack Ad? A Syrupy Sweet One

To my mind, there's actually something much worse than a nasty negative attack ad, and that's a saccharine, upbeat positive ad. To me this is worse than coarsening culture, it's dulling culture, it's taking what should be an exciting rough and tumble debate and turning it into a boring syrupy goo.
04/18/2013 05:47 EDT
Can Trudeau Handle Political

Can Trudeau Handle Political Punches?

At any rate, my point is since Trudeau has not yet been truly tested in terms of his political combat skills, we don't know how he will react when he does come under real assault. And make no mistake, if he does, as is widely expected, become the next Liberal leader, Trudeau will be hit hard.
02/27/2013 12:53 EST
The Latest Sun News Endorsement Is Out of

The Latest Sun News Endorsement Is Out of Line

The National Citizens Coalition shouldn't be in favour of "mandatory" anything. And certainly the group should oppose, on principle, the idea of forcing Canadians to pay for the Sun News Network whether they like it or not. The NCC chose instead to mimic the Sun News Network's arguments and in doing so it has undermined its credibility.
02/06/2013 05:22 EST
Can Harper Do Anything

Can Harper Do Anything Right?

Did you know that in politics you can actually attack somebody for doing good and harmless stuff! How is this possible, you ask? Let me give you three recent examples of ways in which Prime Minister Stephen Harper has come under assault for doing things any rational person would see as completely innocuous.
08/28/2012 07:54 EDT
It's Not An Attack Ad if It's True, and Other Things Partisans

It's Not An Attack Ad if It's True, and Other Things Partisans Say

Whether or not you view a political ad as "negative" often depends on your partisan political point of view. The NDP recently released a negative T.V. attack ad that is so blatantly negative it almost comes across as an attack ad parody. Yet when I went on Twitter and described it as such, I was immediately met with protests. How can you ban something like attack ads when political partisans don't believe they exist?
07/19/2012 12:10 EDT
The Conservatives' Love Affair With

The Conservatives' Love Affair With Communists

Canada's intellectual and political elite have a dilemma: how do they deal with Dr. Norman Bethune's legacy? On the one hand they desperately want to praise Bethune for his so-called "humanitarian" and innovative efforts as a surgeon, but on the other hand there's that nasty little historical fact concerning the good doctor's sordid political beliefs, i.e. he had a crush on Joseph Stalin.
07/14/2012 12:36 EDT
10 Terrible Pundit

10 Terrible Pundit Predictions

Although the punditry failure in Alberta made headlines, it's not the first time "experts" have been completely and utterly wrong. For instance, I did a little historical research and discovered several examples of failed pundit predictions: "No Cabinet Minister will ever pay more than $14 for a glass of orange juice."
05/01/2012 04:04 EDT
The Ad That Will Make You Vote

The Ad That Will Make You Vote Wildrose

A self-described "filmmaker" and "activist" has come out with a "subversive strategic voting video" urging Albertans to vote for any party that has the best chance of beating the Wildrose party. The actors in the spot are ever-so-hip, ever-so-diverse and ever-so-obnoxious. I suspect anyone who was on the fence before seeing this video will decide to vote Wildrose.
04/23/2012 12:56 EDT
Mulcair: Not Your Father's NDP

Mulcair: Not Your Father's NDP Leader

Instead of reading Marx, Mulcair probably studies political polls. What does it all mean? Well, it means the stodgy, class warfare, Solidarity Forever NDP is gone forever, relegated like Edsels, mood rings and Nehru jackets to the dustbin of history. This time the question was: Who can beat Prime Minister Stephen Harper?
03/26/2012 12:22 EDT
Why Harper is the Teflon

Why Harper is the Teflon Robot

Though party partisans, pundits, and journalists are aghast over robocalls, the average Canadian cares about stuff that affects their daily lives. They worry about paying for their kids' education. They care more about NHL standings than they do about political opinion polls.
03/13/2012 10:37 EDT
Alberta's Wildrose Party Must Embrace the

Alberta's Wildrose Party Must Embrace the "Dirty Harry Gambit"

The Conservatives played up the idea of building more prisons and enacting tougher laws. The Tories did this because they knew full well that their right-wing "law and order" supporters would love it, but so would ordinary non-ideological voters who just want criminals thrown in jail. I call this ploy, the "Dirty Harry Gambit."
02/16/2012 08:27 EST
C'mon, Is Our Democracy Really in

C'mon, Is Our Democracy Really in Peril?

Canadian democracy is in grave danger. Or so say lots of pundits, journalists and academics who keep warning us about how the politicians in Ottawa are slowly eroding away our traditional parliamentary democratic institutions.
12/17/2011 12:17 EST
The Scrooge Side of Occupy

The Scrooge Side of Occupy Christmas

It's Christmas season, a time of joyous fun and festivities. And if you believe that then you have clearly been duped by multinational corporations, working in conjunction with the Tea Party, the CIA and <em>Fox News</em>.
12/09/2011 12:09 EST
Harper: Not as Scary as

Harper: Not as Scary as Advertised

Is Stephen Harper's government really a leadership cult? When giant portraits of Harper appear in city squares and when Ottawa is renamed "Harperville," that's when I will worry about a leadership cult. (I would say, however, that there is a Harper leadership cult within the Conservative Party. But that's a different story.)
12/05/2011 12:22 EST
Harper the

Harper the Counter-Revolutionary

The Liberal revolution gave us official multiculturalism, official bilingualism, increased interventionist government, socialized medicine and a whole host of other grand schemes. Then came Stephen Harper on the scene; a politician who understood the counter-revolutionary impulse.
11/25/2011 04:44 EST
Time to Privatize the

Time to Privatize the CBC

For this country's urban intelligentsia (the kind of people who think subsidizing Margaret Atwood books should take priority over buying military helicopters), a reduced CBC budget is more terrifying than a Don Cherry rant.
10/21/2011 12:28 EDT
7 Reasons Why the Liberal Party Is

7 Reasons Why the Liberal Party Is Doomed

I can safely assert that the Liberal Party is as good as dead. In all their history, the Liberals have never had to face an opponent like Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He is intelligent, ruthless and calculating. And right now Harper is using all his power and all his skills to exploit to the fullest every Liberal weakness.
10/13/2011 11:28 EDT
The NDP's Applause Line

The NDP's Applause Line Problem

Applause lines are those bits in a speech designed to get an audience cheering and clapping with approval that you see on the evening news. So what's the problem? Well, the NDP leadership candidates will be tempted to come up with an applause line that's also highly partisan and ideologically-oriented.
10/07/2011 09:38 EDT
Pondering the

Pondering the "Layton Effect"

Jack Layton will be remembered more as a myth than as a man. What does this mean in practical political terms? Well, nothing gets donors reaching for their wallets faster than plucking their heart strings.
09/30/2011 04:34 EDT