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Gerry Nicholls

Communications consultant and writer

Gerry Nicholls is a communications consultant and writer who has been called a “political warrior” a “brilliant strategist” and one of the “canniest political observers in Canada.”

He has worked on political campaigns both in the United States and Canada and was formerly a senior officer in the National Citizens Coalition, Canada’s largest organization for the defence of economic and political freedoms.

You can learn more about Gerry by visiting his website.

His columns on political issues have appeared in major newspapers and he has also been a guest on countless TV and radio public affairs programs.

He is the author of the book, Loyal to the Core, Harper, Me and the NCC.

He currently resides in Oakville.
Time for Ontario Conservatives to

Time for Ontario Conservatives to Attack

Simply put, voters just don't know Tim Hudak. If you don't assign yourself a role in the play, you leave the door open for others to assign one for you. Liberals are defining the PC leader as a Tea Party-loving, immigrant-hating, right-wing extremist, who will gut our health care and shut down our public schools.
09/23/2011 12:26 EDT
Baseball Brainwashing Gone

Baseball Brainwashing Gone Wrong

My son understands the game, but not baseball's soul. He is always talking about weird-sounding stats like Batting Runs Above Average, (B.R.A.A.), not to be confused with Batting Runs Above Replacement (B.R.A.R.). It's like conversing with Mr. Spock. Where, oh where did I go wrong?
09/16/2011 03:21 EDT
Entrepreneurs Must Stop

Entrepreneurs Must Stop Apologizing

Besides being the most efficient way to create wealth, the free market system also happens to be morally superior to its main economic alternative -- socialism.
09/09/2011 01:36 EDT
The Case For a Flat

The Case For a Flat Tax

Left-wingers and other pro-big government advocates call this sort of tax policy "progressive," but in reality such taxes actually retard progress. Just think about it. A higher tax rate for higher incomes and profits essentially means the government is financially punishing success.
08/31/2011 05:12 EDT

Bilingualism Blues

To enforce the Languages Act, the Canadian government created the position of "Language Commissioner," a job that requires one essential skill: unhinged bureaucratic zealotry.
08/24/2011 01:23 EDT