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Gil Laroya

Award-winning Silicon Valley product designer

Gil Laroya is an award-winning medical device product designer, who works with physicians worldwide, developing innovative products that have saved or improved thousands of lives. His devices have treated everything from brain stroke to deep vein thrombosis and aortic aneurysms. A recipient of the 2005 NASA Emhardt Design Award for Innovation, he has developed products for the electronics and consumer industries as well, and has helped in starting over a half-dozen small medical device start-up firms in the Silicon Valley. Gil has received multiple U.S. and foreign patents in the medical device and human interaction fields. Growing up in the Silicon Valley, Gil has watched the evolution and changing direction of technology, which in turn has had a profound affect on politics and society. With every new innovation that surfaces, Gil sees society, and businesses changing and evolving, in order to leverage technology and meet the new challenges that come with it. As an inventor, Gil works with companies to help guide them in the ways of innovation, showing companies how to maintain a competitive edge while allowing their employees to be creative. Gil has a background in Research & Development, Electronics Technology, and Mechanical Design for Human Interface.