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Gilles Clairoux

Management consultant

Former military officer, now management consultant , has travelled the world numerous times for his professional life, it is only recently influenced by the many humanitarian initiatives of his spouse, that he has decided to put his photography and writing skills to use for the humanitarian cause, mainly concentrating on the local people and their everyday life.

Gilles Clairoux graduated from University of Ottawa in Political Sciences.

The Need for Better Breast Cancer Policy in Quebec

For the sake of women's health and their confidence in the Québec screening program, it is time that politicians assume themselves and go beyond the political campaign philippics and ensure that breast be taken seriously and not just treated as a toe or its examination like an insignificant medical act.
04/10/2014 04:26 EDT

What It's Like Being a Hospital Patient in Mali

In Bamako, Mali the Point G, a University Hospital Centre, is for many Malians the ultimate stop for their survival. However, in this very poor country, patients in public hospitals are required to pay for all the medical services, entry fees, lab tests and medications.
12/23/2013 09:12 EST

Will Tunisia Become an Islamic Dictatorship?

The Tunisian government is now at a critical juncture. It will have to decide whether to continue pushing for an Islamic dictatorship through the drafting of a new constitution; or to recalibrate its vision for the country's future and pursue the implementation of an Islamic democracy that reflects the population's will.
05/22/2013 08:13 EDT
Gilles Clairoux

My Journey to War-Torn Mali

I made the decision to undertake a journey that has thus far brought me from Bamako to Douentza. My purpose was to observe first-hand the impact of the past two years of disturbance on the ordinary people. This seemed like a great idea while I was sitting in Canada with a café au lait and reading the daily paper.
05/13/2013 05:38 EDT