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Gillian Clayton

Professional Triathlete

Gillian Clayton is the 2012 Ironman Canada Pro Women’s Champion and professional triathlete. She is also a Powered by Chocolate Milk athlete ambassador.

How to Get Back on the Fitness Track

During these moments of low motivation, it's important to remind yourself that all of your hard work will pay off, and to do this it's all about having a plan that makes sure you will get results from your workouts. I've trained for a number of triathlons and I've found there are three easy ways to a well-rounded workout plan.
11/08/2013 05:41 EST

How to Mentally Prepare Yourself for Ironman

Mentally preparing yourself for Ironman is an interesting venture. How do you do it? If you're like me when I started training for my first Ironman, I had no clue what was coming my way. All I knew was that I really wanted to do it. There are a few tricks that can help you bring your stress levels down
08/13/2013 08:49 EDT

Ironman Diet: What to Eat Before, During, and After the Race

Your body is designed to rest and digest. I'm going to talk about nutrition for three time periods: "before," "during," and "after" training. It would be mind-numbing to tell you every single thing I ate, so I'll point out the go-to's and the challenges for me.
07/31/2013 05:37 EDT

No Stopping, No Chatting: Tips For Training For an Ironman Triathalon

So you're training for your first (or 5th, or 6th) Ironman! How is your training going? Do you feel deader than a doornail on a lot of your workouts, almost feeling slower each time? Perfect. You're right on schedule and most likely doing exactly the right thing. You are working hard and your body is letting you know it.
07/15/2013 12:57 EDT