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Giovanna Mingarelli

Technology Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and Writer

Giovanna Mingarelli is a technology entrepreneur, public speaker and writer. She has contributed to and has been interviewed by: Harvard Business School, CBC Radio-Canada, The Globe and Mail and The Toronto Star for her contributions to various social entrepreneurship and youth engagement initiatives. Giovanna has worked with several federal government agencies as well as for a former Prime Minister of Canada. She has been a Parliamentary witness, a guest lecturer and a keynote speaker at events and conferences relating to women in politics and digital democracy. Her quest is to make life a game that we play.
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In the Next Federal Election Big Data Will Make the Difference

This year marks the 42nd Canadian federal election. In the current political context, it is generally understood that information is power. However, this data is only made powerful when it can be properly cultivated, analyzed and shared with people who can take that information and make it actionable. This reality is important for decision-makers running the country, for political parties, as well as for our youth voters, among others.
04/04/2015 10:45 EDT
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How Inuit Elders Are Preserving Their History And The Wisdom of the North

At its core, the book Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit captures Inuit worldview. It is a holistic way of living in an increasingly interconnected world and is based in four big laws. It is critical in preserving wisdom and cultural practices at risk of being lost in the next generation. I'm grateful to have spent the last four days in Arviat, Nunavut (Northern Canada) participating in a fascinating roundtable dialogue with Inuit Elders from across the territory about maintaining their traditional culture in a rapidly changing world.
08/23/2014 10:10 EDT