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Giselle Wedemire

Journalist, Blogger, Vegan, Lifestyle Writer

Giselle Wedemire is a Calgary-based vegan lifestyle blogger and freelance journalist. By day, she is the publications editor at SAIT’s student newspaper The Weal. By night, she writes for Picky Bitchez, a vegan and gluten-free lifestyle blog.
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I Refuse To Drink The Haterade On Valentine's Day

Complaining to your coupled friends or shouting into the abyss on Twitter about how tacky Valentine's Day does no one any good. Instead, commiserate with like-minded haters for a few minutes, and then move on. Because the truth of the matter is this: not every holiday is going to apply to you, ever.
02/03/2017 04:00 EST
Sol de Zuasnabar Brebbia via Getty Images

Calgary Vegan Bake Sale Offers Sweet Way to Engage in Community

Aside from the obvious differences between my bake sale experiences as a child and my upcoming experience this week (i.e. that I am now an adult and a vegan, and that I know exactly what this particular bake sale will raise money for), I'm also very aware of the community aspect of this bake sale. This year, we have around 20 volunteers planning, baking, and working towards goals of promoting awareness and improving the lives of local animals.
04/30/2014 05:14 EDT

A Plea for More Tempeh

I propose tempeh fans everywhere band together and ask their local, big-box grocery stores to stock more of this magical product so we can make shopping for tempeh (and appeasing smug vegan cookbook authors everywhere) easier for us all.
04/01/2014 05:11 EDT

Being Vegan in Cowtown Isn't Hard, It Just Takes Some Know-how

While I eventually plucked up the courage to ditch meat and, later, all animal byproducts, my dietary choices sometimes puzzle many of my fellow Calgarians. They ask me, "How do you do it? Where do you go to eat?" as though I'm performing an unbelievably difficult task. In reality, though, eating a vegan diet in this city isn't all that hard.
03/12/2014 04:20 EDT