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Glen Pearson

Director, London Food Bank, former Member of Parliament

Glen Pearson is director of the London Food Bank and assists with development projects in Sudan. A father of seven, he is a former member of Parliament and was the critic for international cooperation for the Liberal Party. Pearson lives in
London, Ontario.
The Hatefulness In U.S. Politics Has To Bloomberg via Getty Images

The Hatefulness In U.S. Politics Has To Stop

Will the members of the Congress take a sobering look at themselves and the part they have played in the anger of the country at the same time as they bemoan the state of civic decline across the nation? Can they acknowledge that their spiteful and anger-filled words are often the seeds of eventual physical violence?
06/15/2017 08:45 EDT
What Happens To Causes Once We Stop Caring About Afolabi Sotunde / Reuters

What Happens To Causes Once We Stop Caring About Them?

As an increasing number of governments, like the Trudeau administration in Canada, place pronounced emphasis on the fate of women and girls in their global foreign aid and development commitments, such efforts will forever remain stained by the presence in Nigeria of hundreds of women and girls who have endured the worst of treatment by the worst of humanity with little international coordinated effort to rescue them.
05/10/2017 12:27 EDT
How Will We Take Back Democracy's Joshua Roberts / Reuters

How Will We Take Back Democracy's Future?

Those millions who voted for Donald Trump in hopes that he would turn government on its head and make it sensitive once more to the average family have been enduring weeks of increasing disappointment. Instead of draining the swamp, Donald Trump has become mired in it.
04/19/2017 01:17 EDT
Have We Taken Our Democracy For Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Have We Taken Our Democracy For Granted?

One of the great lessons we are now learning since World War Two is that democracy is fairly useless if it is merely inherited. Growing up in countries that have enjoyed advanced political systems doesn't guarantee that they will automatically function effectively. For it to truly work democracy must be reinvented in every generation.
03/23/2017 04:29 EDT
Let's Look To 2017 With A Renewed Sense Of Shannon Fagan via Getty Images

Let's Look To 2017 With A Renewed Sense Of Hope

Hope is not just an aspiration, but a driving force of nature that takes on the world with a sense of determination, daring to take another chance at getting things right. It is the pitting of ourselves against the worst aspects of humanity and believing that we'll prevail. Hope is the better angels of our nature with their sleeves rolled up.
12/28/2016 02:39 EST
You Can't Have Real Leaders Without ASSOCIATED PRESS

You Can't Have Real Leaders Without Followers

Repeatedly over this past year, prompted by the American election, one hears the question: "Where are our great leaders?" And then everyone gets down to dissecting politicians, exposing their every weakness, and bemoaning their increasing lack of capability. That is surely accurate, but there's another explanation to add to this rationale: we don't have real leaders anymore because we don't have followers.
10/27/2016 05:52 EDT
Trump And Clinton's Divided House Threatens Their Entire Ansa

Trump And Clinton's Divided House Threatens Their Entire Country

When civilized society feels OK about demonizing others in the name of tolerance, you have a problem that doesn't necessarily require Donald Trump to become president to alienate much of the population. When the politics of resentment comes from the Left, the Right, and even the Centre, the road to democratic decline appears like an open freeway.
09/13/2016 09:39 EDT
Some Ceilings Were Meant To Be the-lightwriter via Getty Images

Some Ceilings Were Meant To Be Shattered

Sometimes things transpire in international venues that remind us that the fight for gender equality is not only being waged relentlessly, but successfully, and with brilliant achievement. For years we read stories of individual women making their mark by ascending to leadership roles in business, politics, entertainment, non-profit, and in media, among many other fields.
08/23/2016 12:37 EDT
Bring Back Our Afolabi Sotunde / Reuters

Bring Back Our Conscience

Every day, the news through all its venues reaches us with increasing calls to humanity to rise to the occasion and effect change. Our great danger is the temptation to move from one issue to another, like a stone skipping over a quiet pond, instead of sticking to our original commitments, seeing them through to the end. Just such a cause occurred 842 days ago, when the Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram captured 276 Nigerian schoolgirls, dragging them off into captivity and the kinds of horror that are too easy to imagine.
08/02/2016 04:02 EDT