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Glen Pearson

Director, London Food Bank, former Member of Parliament

Glen Pearson is director of the London Food Bank and assists with development projects in Sudan. A father of seven, he is a former member of Parliament and was the critic for international cooperation for the Liberal Party. Pearson lives in
London, Ontario.

The Real Story of Canada's Attitude Toward Food Security

Since food is that important to the current federal government, I wonder what Mr. Fantino and his cabinet colleagues think about this week's release from the UN's rapporteur on Canada's declining food security. Actually, we already know the answer to that.
03/04/2013 05:09 EST

It Takes More Than Food to Fight Global Poverty

It was good of Minister Fantino to respond to my article, but it would have proved far more productive if he had just listened to the professionals in his own department. They possess the training, on-the-ground experience, and clear-headed compassion to help Canada make a greater difference.
02/13/2013 08:18 EST

CIDA is Breaking Canada's Promise to the World

For well over a decade CIDA has been pushed from pillar to post, reeling from the constant shifting of priorities and reductions in funding. Quietly, and with sadness, the agency has watched many of its key personnel leave in favour of more imaginative posts in the United Nations or the NGO field.
02/05/2013 01:00 EST

Davos: All Glamour, No Solutions

I realize that the beautiful spot in Switzerland is where the supposed brightest and best gather for a few sessions, yet the gathered crowd appears to grow more incapable every year at solving the globe's biggest problems. Perhaps the reason is because those gathered are not only intelligent and connected, but are, in fact, incredibly wealthy -- remote and removed from the everyday problems faced by average citizens in both developing and developed nations. There seem to be no effective solutions for growing unemployment, the decline of democracy, the yawning gap between rich and poor, and a world financial system seemingly out of control.
01/23/2013 05:35 EST

Women's Rights Made Leaps in 2012, Just Not in Canada

Progress for the world's women has proceeded in fits and starts in the past century, but 2012 saw some clear advancement on numerous fronts and in diverse locations. But while global advancements on gender issues were escalating, at home, in Canada, the record remains decidedly mixed. Canadian women are presently losing ground on everything from pay equity to childcare, from poverty to homelessness. Canadians must come to terms with the irony of witnessing the advancements of women's rights on a global scale while at the same time dealing with the reality that this country has been steadily declining in international rankings of gender disparity.
12/31/2012 12:22 EST

When Did Canada Stop Being a Peacekeeping Nation?

The historic Christmas adage "peace to those of goodwill" takes on an attractive ring for a country that once built its international reputation on fighting to preserve peace in troubled regions. It's time for the military thinkers to come to terms with the reality that Canadians will remain a peaceful people who desire that same blessing for people around the world.
12/21/2012 08:37 EST

How Was Canada Knocked Off the International Stage?

General Romeo Dallaire was in London, Ontario a couple of weeks ago speaking to a varied audience about Canada's dwindling international presence. Perhaps nowhere was that decline so clearly obvious as in Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird's speech to the UN General Assembly and its vote on Palestinian recognition.
12/03/2012 05:13 EST

What Tories Lose By Attacking Trudeau

Here's some counsel to the Harper minions: Don't undertake your historic practice of negative ads against Liberal leadership candidate Justin Trudeau. Election time is fine (everybody does it), but in this space between mandates, permit the next generation to continue moving forward into the political spectrum. Should you practice your usual and fill the Canadian airwaves with vitriol among a younger politician seeking to make a difference, you will likely turn off the next generation altogether.
11/12/2012 12:19 EST

Seven Things You Didn't Know About Africa

War, famine, death, devastation -- we've heard it all so many times about Africa that we feel we know it by heart. It's time we acquired a new vocabulary. It's almost as if, right under our nose, while beset by our own economic problems, we missed what is clearly a remarkable economic and social shift in world developments. Here are just some examples of what's been going on.
10/26/2012 07:52 EDT

Canadians Are Starving in a Land of Waste

Just as we are learning of the new pressures on the demand for food among the marginalized, news broke of the ironic reality that Canadians waste $27 billion worth of food each year. If we broaden the issue out to include the United States, things don't look any better. It appears as though North Americans waste food on a grand scale.
10/09/2012 05:24 EDT

Cozying Up With Brits Gives Canada an Icy Reputation

Canada's recent move week to share embassies with Britain as a cost-cutting measure would only confirm the country's international reputation is in trouble. While the Harper Government might be promoting this as a savings measure, globally it is being perceived that our best diplomatic days are now part of our history books as a nation.
09/26/2012 12:18 EDT

Del Mastro And The Politics of Self-Destruction

This same man who day after day hammered opposition members in the House for years in a crude and denouncing manner is now understanding what it feels like when others, including the media, decide, with some justification, that you're the target.
07/12/2012 07:57 EDT

What CIDA Needs Is Experience, Not A Badge

Julian Fantino earned his reputation as a hard-nose -- a take-no-prisoners hardliner who frequently preferred the stick to the carrot. Making him Minister of International Co-operation is like putting Donald Trump in charge of a micro-enterprise initiative among the poor of Haiti -- the consequences will be devastating because the need to be in charge will surely eclipse the need to be smart.
07/05/2012 12:12 EDT
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Omar Khadr: We Let Him Down, Let's Bring Him Home

New efforts are being made to return Omar Khadr to Canada. There had been a diplomatic agreement (not a legal one) that he would be returned, but the Canadian government has yet to respect it, despite urgings from American officials. Why the delay? As a Canadian citizen, a minor, and a child soldier, Omar Khadr deserved better from his country.
06/21/2012 05:47 EDT

Why I'll Never Forget Meeting the Queen

The train had stopped right in the middle of the road and the crowd went crazy as she emerged. To our amazement, she walked down the metal stairs and approached the crowd -- right at the spot where we stood. "Well, aren't you a fine young man," she offered graciously.
06/05/2012 11:18 EDT

Conservatives Don't Mind Eating Their Young

Conservative MP David Wilks recently stood up against his own party to oppose Bill C-38, only to renege days later. In his withdrawal he proved once again that in modern Canada the PM, not the citizen voter, is the ultimate arbitrator of all things Canadian. If you eat your young, what will you do with the rest of the country? Thanks to Bill C-38, we're about to find out.
05/29/2012 05:49 EDT

Nothing Saintly About New Orleans Saints...Nor Politicians for that Matter

The New Orleans Saints has been charged with paying "bounties" to any of its players who targeted and inflicted serious injuries on opposing teams. This is an indication of how western societies have grown careless of standards that once characterized our public attitudes. Just look at the Canadian parliament.
05/17/2012 11:14 EDT

Why is Our Public Discourse Aping Shock Jock Talk Radio?

I was in a meeting recently in which an MP accused the government and Stephen Harper of being "evil" and "the enemy." I have heard the Prime Minister use that language himself on more than one occasion. The hurling of insults across the aisle of Parliament has now become a pandemic -- no respect, no dignity, no results.
05/07/2012 12:13 EDT

Canada's Own Game of Thrones

In many ways, Game of Thrones is increasingly finding its modern equivalent in federal partisanship, and perhaps more and more in politics in general in Canada. In what was more or less a united land, one party has become dominant.
04/23/2012 05:19 EDT

Has Canada Lost its Honour?

We now live in a world where a government can turn on its own parliament, deny it the proper accounting assessments necessary for the approval of mega-expensive items like the F-35 jet, and proceed as if the need for the Canadian people to have a proper accounting for such expenditures (the largest military procurement in Canadian history) is not of prime importance.
04/10/2012 08:38 EDT