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Glenford Jameson

Food Lawyer

Glenford is a Toronto-based food lawyer with G. S. Jameson & Company, which offers comprehensive legal counsel designed to empower clients to navigate and innovate within the food sector.

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Canada Gets Serious About Prosecuting Food Handimania/500px

Canada Gets Serious About Prosecuting Food Fraud

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), which is tasked with enforcing counterfeit food laws, has not historically punished violators to the full extent of its powers, instead frequently choosing to work alongside Canadian food businesses to help them get back into compliance. But, a recent high-profile prosecution involving food fraud has demonstrated that this permissive and reconciliatory approach to regulatory breaches may have come to an end.
07/08/2016 01:32 EDT
Undertakings Essential to Assessing CNOOC-Nexen

Undertakings Essential to Assessing CNOOC-Nexen Deal

Contrary to what you might have heard, it's impossible to judge the CNOOC-Nexen affair until the public receives some clarity regarding the list of undertakings that CNOOC has promised the federal government. And when those undertakings are made public, it's going to be pretty interesting to see what kind of measures the government required of CNOOC, a Chinese state-owned enterprise, in order to create a net benefit for Canada.
12/11/2012 05:27 EST