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Gloria Roheim McRae


Known for her bold approach to life, Gloria is one fast-talking, short-hair rockin' Millennial with a purpose. As an author, speaker and co-founder of digital strategy company, Wedge15, she's been featured for her expertise on HuffPost LIVE, CTV's The Social, in Chatelaine Magazine and on Rogers TV. She earned her B.A. in Political Science at McGill University, and her M.A. at the University of Toronto. Her new book — BYOB The Unapologetic Guide to Being Your Own Boss — became an best-seller in entrepreneurship and self-esteem, and is reaching readers world-wide. Find out how you can become your own boss too at
I've Taken Ownership of My Pregnancy and

I've Taken Ownership of My Pregnancy and Childbirth

You see, I chose to get pregnant, just as I chose to keep our baby, and I can also choose how we are cared for throughout this process. Every Canadian can. If I don't celebrate and exercise the privileges that I have living as a woman in Canada, in 2015, then what's the point of all this choice?
08/14/2015 01:52 EDT
How to Quit Your Job and Not Regret

How to Quit Your Job and Not Regret it

Over 1500 days ago, I resigned from my job, became self-employed and set out to fulfill the life I dreamed of. These are the lessons that have helped me weather the storms and stay on track, when I had thousands of justifiable reasons to quit. These are the five things that I have learned while pursuing my dreams.
06/12/2014 12:37 EDT
Why My Dress Went

Why My Dress Went Viral

I was still having a hard time deciding between which dress to wear, and I thought it was an easy thing to ask my social media tribe about, on Instagram and Facebook. After all, I am a social media strategist, and I'm always experimenting with online engagement. That's when the fun began.
05/08/2014 05:45 EDT
Don't Ban Bossy, BYOB (Be Your Own Boss)

Don't Ban Bossy, BYOB (Be Your Own Boss) Instead

Although the campaign execution and commitment to girls is grand, I was disappointed that of all the words chipping away at our self-esteem everyday, that "bossy" was being sentenced to exile by powerful and recognized women. Unfortunately for all of us, banning words only mutes the systemic and cultural norms that are actually responsible for social inequalities.
03/19/2014 05:15 EDT
Millennials Misunderstood: The Truth About My

Millennials Misunderstood: The Truth About My Generation

There is a lot of coverage these days about the problem with Millennials. If you look, you'll find us frequently labelled as "idealistic", "narcissistic" and "entitled" in popular media. From the Time Magazine cover story on May 20, 2013 to the Bloomberg ad blaming the Millennials for the Recession, I couldn't disagree more. I am proud of my generation of changemakers born between 1980 and 1995.
10/07/2013 02:21 EDT