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Golnar Khosrowshahi

Creator, GoGoNews

A mother of two and president of a music publishing company, Golnar created GoGoNews, an online news source for children, in 2006.

At the time she wrote it daily and shared it with her twin daughters. As the children grew, so too did GoGoNews, adding more sophisticated content, building a web presence, and distributing the paper to like-minded friends and family. Golnar has a bachelor’s degree from Bryn Mawr College and an MBA from Columbia University.

She is a director of the Hospital for Sick Children Foundation in Toronto, a trustee of Pearson College, a United World College, a member of the President’s Advisory Council at Bryn Mawr
 College, and a director of the Board of Governors at the Toronto French School. She lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and their children.

About GoGoNews

GoGoNews was born out of a desire to inform children of the world around them in an educational and non-threatening way. Since its inception in 2006, GoGoNews has provided children with general knowledge, as well as a consciousness and awareness of the world, regardless of geography or culture.

GoGo has always operated with the singular mission to educate, expose and entertain the little minds in our lives - one day at a time. GoGoNews provides parents and educators with subject matter to start a conversation with children and a safe means by which to deal with the harsh realities of the world in which we live. Most importantly, GoGoNews is fun!
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Talking to Kids About 9/11

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How to Talk to Your Kids About the Norway

How to Talk to Your Kids About the Norway Attack

Children will immediately try to put tragedies like the Norway attack in a context relevant to their own lives. Will this happen to me? This means that it is important to provide information that manages anxiety and fosters compassion.
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News for Kids? We're in for a Summer of

News for Kids? We're in for a Summer of Inquiry

When the summer hiatus began, my children looked at me, heads tilted to the side with an inquisitive look of, "What now?" So I delivered a one-page newsletter to my daughters. I probably should have left it at that.
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