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Gord Miller

Green Party of Canada's Infrastructure & Community Development Critic and former Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

Gord Miller is an ecologist and environmental policy analyst with many years of experience in the private sector and public service. From 2000-2015, he served as the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario.
Not All Carbon In The Atmosphere Is Created Steve Russell via Getty Images

Not All Carbon In The Atmosphere Is Created Equally

I have now realized that most economists operate under a very different concept of the nature of atmospheric carbon then ecologists like myself. Their paradigm turns any and all carbon into a market commodity to be manipulated by price and economic tools. They don't share the ecologist's concern that such a simplistic model can lead to truly dangerous and perverse public policy.
03/02/2017 03:49 EST
Canada's Parties Can't Make The 'Leap' On ImagineGolf via Getty Images

Canada's Parties Can't Make The 'Leap' On Pipelines

How is it that the national debate is not about bitumen and the future markets for that commodity? Instead, people drone on about pipelines, an abstraction of the petroleum production. The mantra has become: "If we build them, money will come." But will it? Is the world market price for bitumen so attractive that success is assured if we can only get it to tide-water? The answer is simple: No.
04/20/2016 04:10 EDT