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Gordon Harris

Urban Planner, Development Strategist

Gordon Harris is an urban planner, development strategist and real estate market analyst. He is also a popular facilitator, public speaker and guest lecturer at Simon Fraser University, the University of British Columbia, and Capilano University, and an increasingly influential commentator on the challenges of planning for an aging population. Starting in 2007, Harris became president and CEO of SFU Community Trust, which is charged with developing UniverCity, a complete and sustainable community emerging on Burnaby Mountain land endowed to the Simon Fraser University. Under his leadership, UniverCity has been acknowledged as a model of sustainable practice and has earned a multitude of awards.
It's Time To Stop Paying Extra For

It's Time To Stop Paying Extra For Inconvenience

Today, close to 70 per cent of all Canadians live in suburbs. Most bought homes early in their adult life. Most raised families. And many are now living alone or with an aging spouse in houses designed for four to six people. The kids have grown and left, so nearby schools are unsupportable, too. Even the strip malls are failing as old neighbourhoods hollow out -- as young buyers head to ever-more distant points in search of the latest "cheap" development.
01/22/2014 10:56 EST