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Homeless Woman


I've become used to not working like I became used to not being able to afford and wear perfume. When I told someone that I'd hit bottom, he responded, "Then the only way is up!" So I'm digging my way back. In one way homelessness has liberated me and reawakened me to what I most love doing. Since I don't have four walls of my own, a spouse or dependents, the world really is my oyster. Stripped of the old predictable life and strait jacket, it's on to the new creative way of living. As the saying goes, "No risk! No reward!"
07/10/2015 05:43 EDT
My Struggle to Say FREDERIC J. BROWN via Getty Images

My Struggle to Say "I Am Homeless"

Most times at shelters you can find me reading a book or attending art class. It's not just that I have no place to call home. It's the things I am exposed to and the challenges I have to face that make being homeless exceptionally difficult. My road to homelessness is painful to talk about.
06/29/2015 09:06 EDT